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It’s been a busy couple of monthsof team building in Torquay, with our Melbourne team building office managing over a dozen large team building activities in and around Torquay and Lorne.


The popularity of the Surf Coast region has been strong this winter, and many organizations look to get out of the city for their annual conferences and company off sites.


Our largest team building activity was a 260 person Bike Factory, where the team made over 30 bikes for a bunch of lucky local indigenous kids, who we bused in to receive their new bikes from the team. So many happy faces, both kids and adults, and even a few sneaky tears were shed on the day!
Our Melbourne team building office was challenged last month with another large conference activity, where we had to design a MasterChef Cooking Challenge for a 130 person conference. The MasterChef activity Is one of our favorites, and most popular, however, this client requested that we only use locally sourced ingredients and that the clients own line of herbs and spices be the starring feature of the activity.


Being foodies ourselves, the team stepped up to the challenge and designed an engaging cooking team building activity the budding MasterChefs would never forget.
Designing, preparing and cooking a 4-course meal for their Gala Dinner, using locally sourced beef, poultry, seafood and vegetables, was a huge success. The food was incredible, and the vibe in the room was electric!



One of the best things about working in Torquay is the standard of conference venues on the Surf Coast.


RACV Torquay is without a doubt ahead of the pack as far as venues and conference packages go in Torquay. With amazing views over the coast, a golf course, great conference facilities, and stylish accommodations, it’s our pick of venues in the area.


The Torquay Sands, Peppers Resort, and Wyndham Resort are also very highly recommended conference venues, and depending on your conference requirements, will definitely exceed your expectations with great services and facilities.


people cooking


Popular team building activities in Torquay


Along with the Bike Factory and MasterChef, other popular team activities include The Amazing Race around Torquay, which is a nice way to get the delegates out of the conference room and experience the local surf coast culture, whilst having some fun.


Short Film Festival has also been popular this year, with companies making their own short films to show at their evening dinner. We have tailor-made a number of client specific programs from adventure days, MTB tours right through to an enormous company fair with giant slide and a sideshow alley!


amazing race banner


Our favorite Torquay team building activity though was a recent small conference we managed for a car manufacturer. Unbeknownst to the delegates, they were met out front of the conference room by The Mystery Bus, which whipped them off to a local park, where upon exiting the bus, they found a bunch of pieces of fiberglass and steel laid out before them.


The team was given 3 hours to organise themselves into project teams and work together to construct a large children’s playground. What was a pretty challenging task of teamwork, process and quality control, was met with cheers of joy when a busload of local kids turned up to test out the playground!
The playground was donated to a local kids charity, and the delegates enjoyed a casual afternoon of drinks and a gourmet BBQ to regale their experience of giving back to the community.


If you are considering conferencing in Torquay and want some tips on what Torquay team building activities would suit your team, drop us a line. Our consultants know the Surf Coast really well and can guide you on everything from activities, venues, and attractions in the area.


Give our friendly consultants a call on 0423301206 to chat about your next conference.


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