The Changing Face of Team Building in Melbourne

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Team building in Melbourne has over the past 10 years, seen a dramatic change in both what’s on offer, and how much that Melbourne team building activities cost to participate in.

Anyone who has been in the team building industry for 10 or more years will be able to regale you with stories of the good old days when there were only a handful of providers operating in Melbourne, and team building activities were charged at a premium.

New activities and programs were being introduced weekly to the market, and it was a very exciting and creative time to be in the industry. It was interesting to watch, as some providers launched new activities that were so awesome in their design, delivery, and outcomes, that teams were going crazy over their experiences. Most of the new activities were structured really well, thus were so successful in achieving client outcomes, that there was a real surge in demand for team building Melbourne.

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Then things changed…
With the introduction of many new reality television shows, came the onslaught of many new team building providers. Unfortunately, most of these new entrants just copied existing providers websites and offered exactly the same activities.

Like anything that is popular and in high demand, a number of these activities were copied and sold at a far lower price point, and like any copied or imitation product or service, quite often quality and delivery suffered as a result. Some of the copied activities were OK and filled the demand for less expensive team building options, however, loads of the imitation offerings were just duds.

This hurts the industry greatly, as organisations and individuals were exposed to negative experiences during poorly designed and managed team building days, and it has taken a long time to recover.
This is where Melbourne team building stalled, and in some cases it staled!

Fast forward to today, and there are over 30 companies offering similar, if not the same, Melbourne team building activities.

Premium Vs Budget Team Building options

Premium versions of any activity must include event insurance in case someone is injured, a full risk assessment and safety plan, hydration options, sun protection, photography and definitely a post-event participant survey to determine its success.

Budget versions of most Melbourne team building activities are just that – budget!
Very rarely are you booking a true corporate experience, thus confirming the inclusions in any activity you are looking at engaging, is mandatory.

PLI insurance is a MUST! As is an event risk assessment.
Ask yourself this one question before committing to a budget team building activity – “Can our team deal with a negative team experience, or at worst if someone gets injured?”

Exciting Times Ahead
The industry is about to go through a new phase, and innovation, creativity, and collaboration will be what drives change. And to be honest, it can’t come quick enough!

New technology has driven innovation to amazing new heights, with a whole bunch of new offerings is being launched in Australia. Social interaction is also going to be a huge influence on new team building activities in the future, as the new generation of teams embraces the multitude social platforms for everyday communication and information sharing.

Keeping abreast of what’s on offer these days and what new activities are available, is the key to making sure your team has the most engaging and positive team experience at your next team building day.

When searching for an awesome experience for the team, get a few quotes from different providers, and you soon realise if the provider and the activity fit your needs.

For some great new team building ideas and Melbourne team building activities, contact the crew at XL Events and let us know how you would like to challenge your team to achieve greater performance.

Our team have over 30 combined years in the industry in Victoria and are here to assist!

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