Executive Retreats and Adventures

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Executive Retreats and Adventures are focused team programs that look closely at promoting team behaviors that ultimately build trust. Our personality and skill set based adventure challenges are presented and encouragingly faced utilising the strengths of the individuals to achieve defined outcomes.

“Thanks for a great two days.  The feedback from all of the team was very positive and they really felt a strong benefit from the adventure activities, which enabled them to spend productive time together getting to know each other better.  DaimlerChrysler Australia

Utilising the unique resources and countryside offered in the area, teams are given defined roles and tasks outside of ‘normal’ team building activities. These activities promote team synergy to effectively deal with high expectations, deadlines, conflict challenges, managing change and dealing with the unexpected.

Profiling Tools                                       Download more info here:  Team_XL_TMS_BRIEF

The Team Management Profile is a personalised report, which gives individuals valuable insights into the way they prefer to work and their preferred role within a team. This feedback will help to improve team processes and performance, which will, in turn, improve motivation and satisfaction.

“The Team Management Profile is a powerful self-analysis tool. A mirror that allows groups and individuals to self-assess without threats. It provides a window that encourages people to recognise the value of differences in work preferences and approaches.” 


During the full day executive adventure, each individual will complete a number of ‘chores’, challenges and tasks, in order to better provide for the executive team. Individuals will need to work as a team to ensure success – from locating and hunting their food (navigating to locate their gourmet food allocations) to enjoying campfire cooking, from taming the wild Australian bush on mountain bikes or horseback, from locating, mapping and navigating the vast river systems on canoe before nightfall, to arriving at the groups’ finely appointed accommodations for a welcomed shower.

Team building Brisbane locations include the amazing Spicers Hiddenvale… our favourite location in Australia!

“…a sensational team alignment program… this is what our leadership teams needed to get them interacting and focusing on each other.”  Origin MLE Project Management

men in bikes men in horses

Why invest in an Executive Adventure?

Executive Retreats and Adventure is unique from any other team building activity as it challenges all participants to move from knowing what could be done for effective team relationships, to do what can be done.

 Changing behaviour is facilitated using customised strategies to develop quality relationships by

  • Developing and maintaining trust
  • Preventing and dealing with conflict
  • Giving effective feedback
  • Valuing others in achieving goals.

Each person identifies his or her personal ‘speed bumps’ that often hinder effective communication. Most are forced to make a commitment to change as more often than not it will have a positive effect on the rest of the team’s performance (immediately and in the future) thus creating win/win scenarios.

Select from one of our preferred locations for team alignment and planning throughout Australia, New Zealand, and Asia. Our remote locations provide the perfect 4 and 5-star venues to achieve your executive team goals.  We have some amazing properties for our team building Sydney and team building Melbourne clients, within 120 minutes from the CBD.

Our preferred venues have been chosen as they provide the most exhilarating environments for executive experience, training, and focus.

Set amidst idyllic settings, they are the perfect location for brainstorming, problem-solving together, planning, and of course, reflection.

man doing selfie on a mountain

Put your team into the picture and challenge everything they have to give, with an Executive Retreat and Adventure. Your team will walk away from the experience with a strong appreciation of every member of the team, developing a Team Charter to becoming a high performing team.

Our Team Synergy programs an executive retreats are held in 4 and 5-star locations within 90 minutes drive from every capital city in Australia. Our venues have finely appointed offerings, gourmet meals, incredible scenery, and everything you dream about during your teams adventure challenges.

If your executive team needs some reflective and proactive time to work on their team performance, then consider giving our senior facilitators a call and discuss what we can do to assist. We tailor every Executive Retreat to suit every one of your team and ensure every minute is focused on developing your team’s synergy and commitment to each other.

Contact us on 0412379233 or click here for more information.

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