Team Building Activities in Melbourne

Team Building Melbourne offers some of the most dynamic team building activities in Australia.

Team Building Activities in Melbourne

Team Building Melbourne offers some of the most dynamic team building activities in Australia.

Our team building Melbourne office manage some of the most amazing team building activities on offer anywhere! Team building activities Melbourne have been designed to make sure your team experiences Melbourne in a way like no other.

Our professional team of very experienced team building facilitators will engage your team from the start, making your job worry free and leaving you to kick back and leave all the organisation and logistics to us! We tailor our team building activities in Melbourne with the weather in mind, and to suit your requirements and those of your team members, ensuring you peace of mind and ensuring everyone has a meaningful and memorable team experience.

XL Events have managed over 800 team building activities in Melbourne in the past 13 years, and we have developed great relationships with many venues and attractions in and around the city for indoor team building in Melbourne, as well as in Albert Park, The Docklands, Port Melbourne, South Melbourne, St Kilda, and Footscray and North Melbourne. We specialise in designing and facilitating Melbourne outdoor team building activities in Albert Park, Fitzroy Gardens, Princess Park, Fawkner Park and on the St Kilda foreshore.

XL Events were fantastic to deal with and our Amazing Race around Melbourne went off without any issue. We were able to tailor a fantastic course to suit our business and the team got a lot out of the session. I am happy to recommend XL Events and would definitely use them again.

Andrew Margetts

Geomatic Tech, Melbourne

Our most popular Melbourne team building activities

Corporate Survivor

Corporate Survivor

Gets the team to collaborate without eating insects!

Amazing race

The Amazing Race Melbourne

The original Melbourne race with new challenges!

The Bike Factory

The Bike Factory

Bringing your team together to assemble bikes for kids!

Community Kitchen

Community Kitchen

Prepare, cook and distribute warm meals to those living rough.


Master Chef

Putting the fun back into the MasterChef. The ultimate team reward!

Short Film Fest

Short Film Fest

Brings teams together in a creative film making team activity.

Companies lose money for several reasons. Some issues include productivity concerns, the lack of chemistry within the group, and even problems from the lack of motivation on the part of their employees. These problems couldn’t be more complicated to solve. In reality, there is no generic approach when you are dealing with these problems.

However, you also have to understand that sometimes, team building can make a difference in your company. No matter what the size of your business, the benefits of team building are becoming undeniable these days.

There are times when the workload plus the pressure to perform in your workplace can take its toll on a person. And oftentimes, you will already notice that their performance is already affected. They might be taking more breaks and even brewing disagreements with other colleagues. These are some of the things that you don’t want to happen in your workplace.

Team building activities can be considered as a solution to many work-related concerns. It can also become an avenue for people to get along and to stop fighting each other about things that are related to work. And also, you can even take this time to gain their trust.

But what makes team building activities such a great opportunity for companies is that it is now done by experts. You don’t have to formulate anything. The company can simply let the experts take control and you will be surprised by the perks that your company is going to have with these activities.

Why Consider Team Building?

There are a lot of things that can change for the better if you decide to have a team-building activity. You will be surprised how some people will feel more motivated to work once they get back from their team building activities.

1. A Vacation of some sort
Not everyone gets to travel. Team building activities can be a great way for your employees to have a sort of vacation. Though the activities are structured, it is still an opportunity to be able to get to beautiful sites without them leaving work and spending money from their wallet.

There are popular team building activity venues including Bangkok and Phuket in Thailand and Sydney and Melbourne in Australia.

2. Helps build team dynamics
Team dynamics is another important benefit that you can get from team building activities. With professionally conducted team-building activities, it helps give employees to improve their chemistry within the group. It helps them understand the differences that they have with each other. Instead of being in conflict with each other, team building activities allow them to use their strengths for a common goal.

3. Reduce stress
Let’s admit that things can get stressful in the office. Working for 40 hours a week can accumulate stress. The next thing you know, employees are no longer working with the same passion and enthusiasm. This can lead to productivity problems or even people quitting their post.

With the help of team building activities, it can lighten up the mood and get people to relax even for a couple of days or even for a short day. This can make a huge difference to the morale of your organization especially if they are dealing with stress day in and day out.

4. Helps build leaders
Leadership positions shouldn’t be limited only to those in upper management. It is equally important for the younger employees and those found in the rank and file to also develop leadership. This allows them to be ready when the time comes to take over managerial spots. Unfortunately, routine at work sometimes deny people of this opportunity.

With team building activities, it becomes possible for people to learn how to become leaders. It helps unlock their potential. Management can also have an idea who happens to have the best leadership skills.

5. Help the community
These days, there are team building activities that are not solely fun. Some are meant to also teach employees how to be socially aware. On the other hand, some team building activities can benefit the less fortunate. This way, businesses can also give back to the same community that helped them.

Team Building Activities in Melbourne

Nowadays, there are those team building activities in Melbourne that are fast becoming popular. Some of those team building activities are not your usual team building activities. In the past, team building has been considered by many as boring. But today, things are a bit different.

Corporate Survivor

One of the most popular team building activities in Melbourne today is Corporate Survivor. Survivor was such a popular show that has introduced different concepts to outwit, outplay, and outlast other tribe members. For this team building activity, it allows people to use teamwork and develop their overall dynamics to get the best results. But unlike the TV show, you get to do it without the element of being left in the middle of nowhere.

This team-building activity is not just designed for the physically fit or physically athletic members of your organization. Instead, just like the TV show, it fosters critical thinking and the use of brains to win the challenges. It’s a fun way not only to interact with each other but an opportunity for others to also take the lead for their tribe.

The Amazing Race Melbourne

Amazing Race is another highly requested team-building activity in Melbourne. Another activity that was inspired by the TV show, it allows different teams to explore Melbourne and have fun while they figure out clues that can get them to cross the finish line in the fastest possible way.

This activity is offered to both small and large corporations. It gives every member of the group the chance to become a leader. And not only that, you can have peace of mind since it is monitored by team building facilitators. It means that they always have a number that they can call if they need any assistance. And since it is meant for participants both young and old, organizations don’t have to exclude anyone from doing this activity.

Bike Factory

Next, team building activities shouldn’t just be about having fun. What if you can also get your employees to become more socially aware? Bike factory gives participants the chance to do something for less fortunate kids.

Another reason why Bike factory is such a great team-building opportunity is mainly because it gives people the ability to work together for a greater cause. But unlike in a workplace, you have a more relaxed environment building bikes for the benefit of children.

Community Kitchen

You also have the Community Kitchen team building activity. Here, you will be able to feed poor communities. And even if you don’t have any background in cooking food, you don’t have to worry. The community is going to be guided by the pros. Steps are also going to be simplified. And at the end of the day, you get to make a difference because you alleviate hunger within the community.

Master Chef

Another popular kitchen-related team building activity is the Master Chef team building activity. It offers a great opportunity for members of your organization to test their chemistry with each other as they cook meals that are assigned during the entire activity. Guided by a chef, this activity is guaranteed fun for members of the organization. And after the activity is finished, everybody gets to enjoy the dish that they cooked.

Short Film Fest

The Short Film Fest is an out-of-the-box team building activity that involves participants to make a movie that everyone will get to watch after. This allows them to cooperate with each member of the team to finish the activity on time. It helps channel not only their creativity but also their acting skills as well.

Why Melbourne?

Melbourne is a popular place for team building activities for many good reasons. Companies from different parts of Australia and even other parts of the world visit Melbourne because of its vibrant atmosphere and more.

One, you get to have convenient transport options. For starters, you have 16 train lines, not to mention trams and buses as your additional options. It means that getting from point A to point B isn’t that bad.

Another reason why Melbourne has become popular for team building activities is simply because of Melbourne’s culture and overall vibe. Melbourne nowadays is considered a melting pot of different cultures. People from different parts of the globe go Melbourne because it has a great culture that can be enjoyed by everyone.

You also have different popular sites that made Melbourne popular not only for tourists but also for companies that want their employees to have a laid back day doing team-building activities. From the Royal Botanical Gardens Victoria to Queen Victoria Market, there are a lot of places that are worth visiting in this part of Australia. Just imagine participants of the team building activity seeing all these beautiful places in Melbourne in a short period.

Team building activities can help companies both big and small. But what makes team building activities interesting at this point is how you can make participants look forward on your activity. Choosing the right place can make a big difference.

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