Team Building Activities Sydney

Team Building Sydney offers some of the most dynamic team building activities in Australia.

Team Building Activities Sydney

Team Building Sydney offers some of the most dynamic team building activities in Australia.

The team building Sydney activities have been developed to engage participants utilising the best that Sydney has to offer. Our dedicated team of experienced facilitators and event managers will ensure that your team will want to participate, they will have fun and be safe throughout, leaving you to sit back and leave all the organisation and logistics to us!

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Team building is an essential activity for any business or organization. Regardless if you are running a company with 10 employees or you have a large company that has hundreds of employees and multiple departments, team building is used to fix budding problems inside the workplace.

One of the reasons why team building is in demand is due to the stressful work environment that people have to deal with. Stress within the workplace can bring the worst out of people. It is common to encounter people who tend to lash out on others when they are feeling the stress. Also, another reason why stress can do more harm to your company is that it can lead to dissatisfaction within the workplace.

XL Events facilitated an amazing event for us. The sailing team building activity was a real boost for our team, especially our overseas contingent. Everyone had a blast. We realy loved setting our course and taking charge of the yacht, even though our boat came last! Thanks XL, you literally blew us away!

Jane Marsden

Suncorp, Sydney

team building sydney synergy

Synergy Sailing

Impress your team with the ultimate sailing team building activity in Sydney.

amazing race

The Amazing Race Team Building Sydney

The original Amazing Race Sydney, 13 years and still going strong!

the bike factory

The Bike Factory

Bringing your team together to assemble bikes for little people!

community kitchen

Community Kitchen

Cooking class with a cause, making nutritious meals for the less fortunate.


Master Chef

We put the fun back into the MasterChef challenge! The ultimate team reward!

shortfilm fest

Short Film Fest

Bringing teams together in a dynamic film making team activity… hilarious!

Team building is a great way to release the tension and even build better dynamics within your group. Of course, every group is different. It means that there shouldn’t be a generic approach when it comes to doing team-building activities.

What Do You Get From Team Building?

Before you even decide to have a team-building activity for your company, it is a good idea as well to know the perks that you get from this.

1. A simple fix to complicated problems
There is no denying that companies deal with difficult problems. From people that don’t get along with each other to the lack of chemistry within the group, these are some of the conflicts that offices can’t force. With the help of team-building exercises, it could change how employees treat each other especially when they get to interact in a more relaxed environment.

2. Develop new skills
It is common to be preoccupied on things that you already know. This is the reason why some employees get stuck doing the same routine for years at a time. With team-building exercises, it stimulates people’s interest to do different things. And with professionally guided team building activities in Sydney, members of your organization could develop creativity, critical thinking, or even showcase leadership that you don’t get to see in the workplace.

3. Letting people have some fun
Fun is oftentimes a word that a lot of companies forget. Having fun is such an underrated concept for some organization that their employees end up becoming stressed. In some instances, there are those organizations that lose a valuable member of their company due to this.

Team building can help people have some fun in the process. There are creative ways how team building activities can be done. And the element that makes each of these activities special is that participants tend to have fun. Though it is structured to squeeze benefits for the organization, people get to smile and just forget about their worries at work.

4. Foster teamwork
Teamwork and camaraderie could take years to form in your organization. Sometimes, difficult situations don’t always create better work relations within the group. If they simply don’t get along or don’t know how to work with each other, to begin with, it can only escalate to become worse. With team building activities, it teaches people how they can work with each other towards a common goal. And for some organizations, it is exactly what they need to turn things around for their productivity.

Team Building Activities in Sydney?

There are a lot of team building activities to choose from in Sydney. There is a team-building activity meant for all types of organizations regardless if you have a small business or you have a big one. There are team building activities that are designed for the older members of your organization.

Synergy Sailing

You can take advantage of the blue skies and the beautiful waters of Sydney, Australia in your team building activities. Not only can you get people to enjoy the clear skies, but you can also let them be competitive against each other and have fun in the process.

Though it is an advantage if you are familiar sailing, this activity is guided and beginner-friendly. People who don’t have any experience sailing can easily adapt and learn. This particular activity requires 8-10 people per group. Each member is going to be assigned a role onboard. It requires communication and teamwork to win.

The Amazing Race Team Building Sydney

team on a run

Amazing Race has become a popular TV show for good reasons. It showcases how people use their brains and settle their differences to reach their destination. Amazing Race in Sydney is quite popular given the different sites that you get to see for yourself.

Members of the team will have their chance to shine. They can showcase their skills and even some of their hidden talent as they figure out clues to move forward closer to the goal. And also, this is an opportunity for people to become leaders.

Every step of the race is going to be monitored to ensure the safety of each participant. There will be an emergency number that you can contact in case you are experiencing some problems along the way.

The Bike Factory

Team building activity isn’t just all about having fun. What if you can have fun and be able to return the favor to the community? The Bike Factory is a popular team building activity for the cause that it promotes.

Teams are going to assemble a bike for children from different charities. But the assembly isn’t exactly straightforward. You will have to face different challenges to collect the parts and start the assembly process. This activity is also an emotional encounter for a lot especially after revealing who gets to have the bike that you just assembled.

Community Kitchen

Food is always a good way to connect people. Food is also a great way to give back to the community. Community kitchen is designed to get people to help each other towards helping other members of society. The beneficiaries of the Community Kitchen team building activity are those who are homeless and the hungry.

If you don’t know how to cook, you don’t have to worry since the entire activity is going to be guided. Each member of the team is going to be assigned a role that they are going to do to complete the task.

Master Chef

Another fun cooking-related team building activity is the Master Chef. Master Chef involves the help of professional chefs and you get to cook and compete against your other colleagues. But what makes this activity relaxing is the fact that you will all be able to enjoy the food that you’ve cooked after the activity.

Short Film Fest

You also have the short film festival team building activity. Here, members are going to play the role of actor, director, and even scriptwriter. You will be able to showcase your talents both in front and behind the camera. The end goal is to have a short movie that will be watched by everyone.

It is a great way to relax and simply be silly. You can enjoy the company of your colleagues. And also, this activity requires teamwork for the task to be finished within the time limit.

Why Sydney?

So what makes Sydney a great spot to do team building activities? Sydney offers spectacular outdoor experiences. It offers beautiful parks not to mention beaches. Unlike other spots, you also don’t get to feel stressed in Sydney given the number of beautiful sites that you can explore in this part of Australia.

Sydney is known for its fresh air wherein you can escape the usual hustle and bustle of your daily routine. Beaches such as Bondi and Manly are just some of the most popular spots out there. But of course, there are quieter beaches to explore as well.

There are also a lot of historical spots in Sydney. You can get to explore the Sydney Harbor which is the place where English colonisation started. You can also enjoy Rocks Precinct which is also found in this part of Australia.

Diversity is also something to look forward to in Sydney. Whether you feel enjoying Paddington or a different vibe such as Cabramatta, there is always something for everyone. These are some of the things that make Sydney a unique experience especially for those organizations that have diverse members. This allows them to be able to see spots that are historical and memorable and enjoy every moment of your team building activity.

Transportation is also not a problem in Sydney. You have a variety of options to go for. You can easily use their trains, buses, and ferries. This allows you to be able to explore different spots without having any problem. Given Sydney’s popularity among tourists, Sydney is very tourist-friendly. You can easily make use of their handy smartcard system called Opal. Here, you can use this in getting around. It can easily be loaded with at least a $10 credit.

Sydney is among the most popular spots for organizations of all sizes. Given the number of things that you can explore and do in this part of Australia, it is something that many organizations look forward to.

We design all of our team building activities in Sydney to suit your requirements and those special needs of the participants, ensuring you peace of mind that our program delivery is far more effective than more traditional conference activities. They challenge your team to think outside the box and shatter paradigms, in a way that staid, traditional conference activities do not.

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We have managed over 900 team building activities in Sydney in the past 13 years, and have developed great relationships with many venues, in the Sydney CBD, Darling Harbour, The Rocks, Woolloomooloo, Bondi, Coogee, North Ryde. We specialise in designing and facilitating Sydney team building activities in the major parks and reserves, including Moore and Centennial Parks, Hyde Park and Sydney Olympic Park.

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