Employee Engagement – Making your Own Corporate Video

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When companies decide to make a corporate video to relay their company message, it can be an enormous undertaking. It doesn’t have to be that way anymore! Engaging a video production company is an expensive exercise, and trying to relay the message via video can be very challenging, to the point that many corporate videos miss the mark, and end up underutilised or even shelved altogether. In-house video production is another popular approach and although it can be quite successful, it can still expensive in both time and money.

Corporate videos are a great way to get a message to large employee populations or to educate your customers about how awesome your company might be. A well-made video is a valuable communications tool that can really hit the mark and deliver a strong message to any chosen audience. The challenge for companies is that a good corporate video can sometimes cost tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars to design, shoot and edit.

A Day in the Life of your Company

A lot can happen in a company in 24 hours and for many global teams, a day can make a world of difference to their customers. With hundreds of amazing achievements happening day and night at different locations, it can be hard for employees to see how much is consistently going right and maintain their initial impression of your organisation. With employee engagement figures increasingly becoming a barometer for how connected teams are, XL Events have launched an exciting new team building program for large companies. Corporate video team building will never be the same again.



Day in the Life can accommodate any size organisation with a story to tell. We start with your company strategy which helps us frame the best of what your team currently does and pull focus to include your future vision.

For larger organisations, we suggest a series of videos that allows for a closer look at divisions or larger sized groups of a company structure. Your people shoot a short video that hi-lights the best part of their day. They then upload their footage and our professional production team edit the videos together to tell your companies story!

The ability to connect hundreds and thousands of your people across the globe can be a daunting challenge.

Day in the Life ensures company-wide participation and a true team building experience without any loss of productivity.

The program can be scaled to any large sized organisation, and can be easily tailored to suit any language, in any location throughout the world.

XL Events have been designing and delivering corporate video team building activities for over 10 years, from Movie Trailer Magic, to company induction videos, and our current offering – Short Film Festival. Yet none of these can be delivered on the scale that A Day In The Life video team building program can be. Get your people to be involved in making your next corporate video!

Perfect for staff populations of 500 plus!

Engage your staff with the power of video. Contact XL Events now on 0412379233

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