Improve Team Synergy – Easy to Follow Tips

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Team Synergy is one of the most common issues facing any team in almost any environment. From amateur to elite sporting teams, to small business and up to multi-national business teams, synergy has and always a hindrance to high performance.

Improving Synergy is an important component of any team building initiative.

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Poor performance, conflict amongst personalities, lack of accountability, low levels of trust, poor commitment, a lack of problem-solving initiative and/or skills, and silo mentalities where there is a lack of teamwork. These all contribute to an unhealthy working environment and an inefficient work ethic within the team

Whilst there are ‘people’ running the business, large or small, team synergy will be an issue, as relationship problems are caused by each and every one of us is different. 

The way we approach our work, our work preferences, and how we interact with other team members, the decisions we make, and our individual behaviour all affect teamwork.

Teamwork is so much more than an individuals contribution, it is about success and achieving results, more than the team members individual contributions

Understanding a common language of Teamwork, and what contributes to poor team synergy, can help overcome any synergy problems, as long as every team member buys into a common language.

Humans are such complex things… we have emotions, opinions, individual traits, and a way of processing things in our brains that is very different to others. A difference in individual priorities, skills, individual interests, egos, ingrained work habits, and different personality styles can lead to ineffective communication, poor management, and team strategy, poor leadership, individuals not playing as team players; or people simply not pulling their weight in the team.

Poor team synergy causes lots of problems, including low productivity, poor performance, inefficiencies, lack of responsibility and accountability, people not mindful about processes, people blaming people, conflict etc. The list is endless!

A High Performing Team can only be achieved if every team member knows their roles and responsibilities, understands their share of the load, works at their best and furthermore collaboratively sees the whole process through to completion.

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The basic fundamentals of creating a positive synergy can be easier to achieve by considering the following:

Begin with the end in mind. Give the team a sense of purpose as to why they come to work every day and contribute to what it is you do. Goals are a great motivator, however, a shared goal needs to be matched with clear roles, by putting the right people in the right place. When each team member has clear roles and responsibilities of their own and others’, the risk of inefficiencies can be reduced significantly.

Goals will also create challenge. A team that has met a challenge head on and come out successful together will typically have a stronger relationship.


Can someone lead if no one follows? Most times we only talk about the importance of good Leadership, but there’s not enough emphasis in good followership. In order to create a good team synergy, good leaders and followers must co-exist. When less people try to lead and actually be good followers, willing to be led and listen to and cooperate with others, the task at hand can be completed much more efficiently and effectively.

When everyone in the team works and communicates with the basis of trust, respect and compassion, synergy can be achieved as a result of being aware of our actions and behaviours on others. A compassionate individual will be conscious of the impact of their action on others, thus, everyone will pull their own weight, and collaboratively achieve Synergy.

Like human relationships, Synergy is a constant process and must be managed. It’s not a destination that you arrive to and just halt, it’s a never-ending journey that you and your team as the crew of a ship, embark upon together and must constantly row and work to reach it. Open and effective communication is key to creating and maintaining and part of it is conflict resolution. An effective team is capable to resolve differences by finding and managing the best solutions from the team member’s contributions, despite differences of individual skill, opinions, strengths and weaknesses. In order for Synergy to thrive in a team, a positive teamwork culture is paramount, where engagement of each team member is encouraged.

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