Professional Team Development Workshops

Professional Team Development Workshops

Our professional team development workshops are designed to assist organisations develop the emeging talents of new and intact teams. Utilising a holistic approach, our one day and multi day workshops are designed to identify and deliver learning goals by enhancing team members knowledge and understanding of working in a team.

Team members gain a greater understanding of where there team is at now, and what is required to take the team to greater performance, and an action plan moving forward, to a high performing team!

Diagnostic Tools & Team Profiling

TMS profiling tools are now being used successfully by some of the largest organisations in the world, and our team recommend the highly regarded TMS suite of tools in conjunction with our team development workshops.

The TeamXL sessions were absolutely fantastic.

Our requirements were interpreted better than expected and delivered on a level that every manager clearly understood. The group provided great feedback.


The TMS suite of tools enable us to provide detailed and easy to understand 360 degree feedback reports for both individuals and teams, and promote a common ‘Language of Teamwork’ amongst individuals and teams.

This valuable feedback allows our facilitators to engage your people with interactive and intuitive facilitation, allowing them to effect positive and lasting change and achieve higher performance in the workplace.

Team Management Profile

The TMP Questionnaire is a 60-item assessment focused on enhancing understanding of an individual’s approach to work. The personal Team Management Profile provides constructive, work-based information outlining an individual’s work preferences, based on the Margerison-McCann Team Management Wheel, and the strengths that an individual brings to a team. The Team Management Profile gives individuals an understanding about the behaviours they exhibit at work and the impact this will have on others and the work they do. Focusing on work preferences as well as individual differences makes it easy to connect individual development to operational realities in the workplace.

Linking Skills Profile

Linking Skills are the activities and behaviours that managers and others need to exhibit in order to successfully integrate and coordinate the work of a team.The Linking Skills Profile gives individuals multi-rater feedback on their perceived performance in key managerial skills. A great tool for Management and Leadership Development – identifying where a person may need development in key managerial and leadership skills and designing a personal learning action plan. LSP can be used as a benchmark in performance management. and leadership capabilities.

Strategic Team Development Profile

The Strategic Team Development Profile (STDP) addresses the fundamental areas that teams need to address to perform effectively. It provides a road map for the ongoing development of any team and pinpoints strategic issues that need resolving. It provides an accurate road map for the ongoing development of any team and allows the team, in consultation with their facilitator, to pinpoint the underlying issues that make the difference between good performance and poor performance.

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