New Year Resolutions & team building ideas for your team

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We make some pretty ambitious resolutions for ourselves at this time of year, but have you ever made one for your team?

Leadership is all about designing team strategies that work, and part of that is making team goals that are achievable and most importantly, have buy-in from the team

Here are some easy to implement New Year Resolutions that might just make next year a great one for your team.

1. Schedule at kick-off meeting with the team and write down what worked for the team in 2016, and more importantly, what didn’t work!

2. Make a strong pact with your team to give everyone a voice and a platform to be heard. This can make a huge difference to getting the most from your team members!

3. Kick off the new year with a team challenge that gets everyone involved and excited. Put up a prize and promote the challenge via your internal channels. Keep it simple and achievable for the whole team.

4. Make a commitment to regular team building activities that are more than the old humdrum. Team building done well is worth its weight in gold!

5. Invest in Team Development Programs that promote engagement and provide individual team members the tools to better communicate and collaborate with fellow team members.

6. Implement a social, gym, creative or running club to boost productivity and promote team relationships

7. Look at improving the way you facilitate meetings, and make a pact to improve the time efficiency and outcomes of each meeting you have with the team.

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Try a few of these resolutions out, and we promise, they may just make a huge difference to your teams’ performance in 2017.

Good Luck!

If you are looking for team building ideas, click here and we will throw a few your way!

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