Team building for charity…

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Giving never felt so good!

Do you want your team to come together and really do some good for the community, whilst also focusing on developing their professional relationships?

Have you been wondering how to align your organisation, or even your team, with the needs of the community?

Ever wondered how to make a real difference in supporting people in real need of assistance?

Have you considered a charitable team building activity?

  • Supporting real people with real issues in a professional and honorable way
  • Delivering emotional encounters and raising awareness  through tailored team activities
  • Engaging your team to become effective facilitators, and making a difference where it counts

Maximum Impact on Your Team…

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Supporting Foster Kids through providing positive touch points in their lives makes a real difference. And it’s not just the kids that benefit from charity team building, your team will as well!

Making sure your efforts and generosity is delivered exactly where it is needed most…

feeding program

Preparing, cooking and packaging warm, nutritious meals for those living rough on the streets, can be very rewarding. The Community Kitchen brings the team together for a great result!

Get your team to care…

The gap between those living above and those below the poverty line it is widening faster than ever before. The ones who really suffer are children, as they rely on the support of families for more than just food, shelter, and clothing. When that support is diluted these kids suffer.

The demand for charity team building activities Sydney has given our clients the opportunity to hand over more than 480 bikes and nearly 2500 warm meals in 2016. Team Building Gold Coast charity events have raised nearly $8500, donated nearly 120 bikes, and prepared up to 600 warm nutritious meals to those living rough. Melbourne has been the biggest recipient though… The Bike Factory has now facilitated 540 bikes to be built for foster kids, 1300 warm meals prepared in The Community Kitchen, more than 380 toys assembled for sick kids in The Toy Factory, and $7200 in fundraising via our popular charity team building activities Melbourne initiative.

Impressive stuff!

Team building for charity is about giving the kids the opportunity to be kids! Supporting them where it counts, and giving them a greater opportunity to grow up and live a normal and prosperous life.

With the festive season just around the corner, there has never been a greater demand for kids services and support networks. Remember the feeling you experienced when you received your first bike? Or a new toy? Or even had your first festive dinner? Imagine how these kids will feel when they receive the same, from your team, and giving them the opportunity to enjoy being a kid!

Check out some of our popular team activities that give back to the community…

If you have an idea, or would like our assistance to design a community focused and charitable team building activity, please give the team a call.

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