Team Building for Charity

Aligning your organisations strategic approach to the needs of the community!

Team Building for Charity

Aligning your organisations strategic approach to the needs of the community!

Charity Team Building

Team Building for a Cause has never been so easy, with a number of tailored and flexible charitable team building activities to choose from.

Click on any of these great activities and see how we can tailor your next memorable team building day.

A big heart can make a big impact on your team!

XL events are big supporters of kids charities and non profits organisations, and are often the catalyst for ongoing support from our clients to these great kids support networks.

“On behalf of all the kinship carers who have received bikes from your company, we cannot thank you enough for helping us, firstly as Kinship Carers and secondly for putting some well needed smiles on the faces of the children we care for.”


Kinship Carers

Looking for Team Building Ideas?

Give your charity team building day a real purpose by helping out where it is really needed!

The Bike Factory

This powerful CSR team building activity gives your team the chance to give back by putting smiles on kids faces!

Toy Factory

There’s no better feeling than giving something meaningful back to your community, working together to put real smiles on kids faces!

Charity Fundraiser

Board the Mystery Bus for your opportunity to get your team involved and help your local community. Engaging and memorable team experiences!

Community Kitchen

Cooking class with a cause, making nutritious meals for the less fortunate.

Build a Playground

A team building activity dedicated to bringing fun, fitness and active play into the daily lives of all children; ensuring kids get to be kids!

Helping Hands

Engage your team in this high impact team activity, where teams build prosthetic hands to be donated to amputees in third world countries.


Giving more people the most basic resource… clean drinking water.

Team Building Activities anywhere in Australia!

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