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Over the past 3 or 4 years, the most popular question from our existing clients and from most of our new enquiries, has been pretty similar… “Can you suggest some team building Brisbane activities, something original, something our group haven’ t done before?”

Which in most case prompts the response “Do you have anything in mind?

“We want something very different and a whole bunch of fun” is the normal response, and more and more clients are requesting something along the lines of”… oh and something to engage and give back to the community would be great!”

man on jetski people on beach

Team Building Brisbane has really embraced the whole ‘connect with community’ vibe, and this has seen a massive increase in the number of charity aligned and CSR focused activity enquiries coming through each week.

Most teams are looking to give back and a get involved with a cause, and activities like The Bike FactoryHelping Hands, and The Community Kitchen are more popular than ever in Queensland. Team Building Gold Coast has traditionally been inbound group conferences, however, in recent years we have seen a marked change in the number of domestic companies conferencing on the Goldy. The most popular team activity on the tourist strip has for a long time been our Beach Olympics and MasterChef programs, whereas in the past 12 months we are seeing loads of companies moving more towards Giving back to kids through our Toy Factory and Bike Factory activities.

Kids really are the flavour of the year!

Team building Sunshine Coast is a funny one. The good old Amazing Race around Mooloolaba is as popular as ever, as is MasterChef, especially when we have the opportunity to showcase local ingredients and fresh seafood. Noosa is on fire in 2017, and its the National Park that has been a big attraction. Our team has already completed 4 guided National Park guided hikes, as well as a couple of bush tucker MasterChefs.

Gotta love Noosa!

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This week we have experienced floods, wind, torrential rain and multiple flight cancellations, however, it hasn’t dampened the enthusiasm for team building Brisbane, Sunshine and Gold Coast activities at all. April will be a little slower, yet we have every confidence that in true Queensland style, the good old Qld spirit will endure and team building activities Brisbane will be as busy as ever moving forward.

If you would like some ideas or advice about team building Brisbane, team building Gold Coast, or about some team building activities on the Sunshine Coast or further beyond, please give us a call on 0412379233 to chat to one of the team!

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