Cooking team building – a great team communication activity

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What a night!

Sitting down finally, after 16 hours on my feet, sipping a coconut water with a beer chaser, and reflecting on just how, after a week of madness, I got to this point in time.

This team building activity was a good one.

65 senior executives from the largest electrical goods manufacturer in the world, literally eating out of my hands…

Yep, it was a good night!

three people cooking

Let’s start from the beginning…

It all started 2 months ago, with an urgent call from one of our favorite hotels in Thailand, The Chatrium Riverside in Bangkok.

“We have a VIP client wanting us to do a Cooking Team Building activity like IronChef, and we need help!”

Following 40 plus emails, a dozen Skype calls, and 7 amendments to our activity proposal, we finally agreed on the schedule and content for the evening. This had to be AMAZING, as nothing short of an incredible experience would suffice with this client. They expected the best cooking experience ever.

After all, they were a Japanese company, and IronChef is THE biggest reality show in Japan!


Here’s how we rolled…..

Our menu was a mix of traditional Old Siam dishes, with a pinch of spice and some room for creative expression. Som Tum, Pad Thai Prawns, and Spicy Basil Chicken and Tofu proved to be popular choices, and after a quick cooking demonstration from our amazing Chef Ghi Ghi, the teams had 1 hour to prepare, cook, and serve their 3 dishes to the judges, as well as set a fine dining table for themselves and plate up their own dinner!

Suffice to say, it was a whole bunch of pressure, loads of fun, and we even had a mini tofu fight mid cook-off!

Cooking team building, once again, proved to be a great team communication builder, with 7 nationalities represented tonight, and approximately 15 not speaking any English. Let’s face it, everyone either loves to cook, or eat! And getting these guys working together to put up some amazing meals, not just for the judges, but their own dinner as well was just beautiful to watch. They smashed this out of the park!

As the teams presented their meals to the judges, the group sat on the rooftop overlooking the Chao Praya River, it really dawned on the teams, just how well they had pulled together. An engagement was obvious, with the Korean contingent increasingly mingling with their Japanese counterparts (a big achievement), and everyone was smiling!

The atmosphere on the rooftop terrace was electric, as the most senior executives of one of the worlds largest multinationals, managed to not lose face, whilst I walked around with the best dish of the night, and them digging their forks into taste the Som Tum in my hands.’

woman slicing

people on dining table

Yep, we had them literally eating out of our hands tonight! 


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