Team building activities Sydney…Whats popular in 2017?

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As 2017 quickly draws to a close, our office is constantly being asked what new team building activities do we offer, and which ones would suit an end of year function.
With so many providers out there it can be a maze of confusion as to what activity or experience will work for your team!


The popularity of the Sydney Amazing Race has definitely waned this year, as almost everyone has participated in one version or another. The same can be said for a few of the popular Sydney team building activities including the good old Survivor, Olympics, and musical team building activities, like Drumming and Team Song.


That is not to say these great activities don’t still have loads of great value for teams, hence that’s why XL Events have redesigned these popular offerings to ensure that they are still relevant in today Sydney team building market.


We have added more team-based design and collaborative formats, as well as removing the less popular components of the activities, giving them all a fresh new dynamic, and the greater experience for all involved.


When researching team building activities Sydney, don’t just rely on the first submission you get from your provider. Every team building quote really needs to be tailored to individual clients needs, group requirements, abilities, and budget, thus ensuring maximum uptake, engagement and most of all, enjoyment!


people raising hands


Our Sydney team building office has been extremely busy this last couple of months, as we launched a number of new CSR programs that have proven extremely popular with both new and repeat clients. The attraction to these new CSR activities is the flexibility provided to ensure each activity is designed specifically for each client requirements and that the outcomes meet the clients’ expectations every time.
Giving back to the community, supporting organisations and charities at a ground roots level has seen our popular CSR activities boom this year.


The Bike Factory has seen our clients donate over 900 bikes to kids in need this year, providing life-changing experiences for many kids.
bikers group picture
Community Kitchen has now prepared and distributed an impressive 3280 warm nutritious meals to those living rough on the streets in every state in Australia since January.


woman slicing


The Why not give a Helping Hand formal prosthetic hands program has been incredibly well received by our clients. With 35 hands assembled and distributed already since June, and a further 80 hands about to be assembled in coming weeks, this activity is changing children’s lives throughout Cambodia, India, and Bangladesh.


hands doing a craftamputee kid
Assembling prosthetic hands for children in 3rd world countries


The Mystery Bus has been the biggest surprise for our team. One of our most in-demand team building Sydney activities these past few months, due to both its feel-good nature and the mystery aspect of teams not knowing what they are doing, or where they going.


So far this year teams have renovated a storm-damaged community center, rebuilt a men’s shed, painted and aboriginal meeting place, packed meals for the homeless, and assembled a new playground at a foster home that was previously vandalized.


Our most popular end of year Sydney team building activities nearly always include food and drinks! And you cant go past our culinary programs like MasterChef and MasterChef Festive Feast. People love to either eat, cook and or drink, so with a tailored end of year cooking challenge you cannot go wrong!

people cooking

So if you are looking for an awesome end of year team activity, a celebration to wrap up 2017, or maybe something exciting to reward the team for a big effort throughout the year, be sure to drop the team at XL an email or call them on 0412379233 to have a chat.


Our consultants know the Sydney like the back of our hands and can guide you on everything from suitable activities, affordable venues, and great entertainment and beverage packages.


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