Kick 2019 of With a Bang – Team Building Activities That Work

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A lot of companies and organizations are looking for ways how they can improve the overall dynamics within the group. It has been recorded over the years that you can get benefits such as improved overall productivity, not to mention less friction among members if you do team building activities. However, not all team building activities work the same. There are those that are quite interesting and engaging.

And if you are going to have a team building activity in the coming year, might as well that you do it the right way. Here are some team building activities that work.

Cook and Dine Activities

One of the easiest ways to get people together is to get them to eat in one table. Here, you will be able to get them to interact with each other and have a pleasant meal. But what if you can make it a bit better? Why not let them cook the food themselves?

This has been a great way to build bonds within the organization. Over the years, companies and organizations have picked up this type of activity simply because it’s simple to set up and it’s highly effective.

Now, cooking and dining can be a great team building activity that can be combined with out of town trips. Maybe, the organization is heading somewhere with all the supplies for food. Now, members of the group can rotate their roles in the kitchen for a number of days. And by doing so, not only will this showcase each person’s skill in the kitchen, but it can also foster an environment where they talk to each other and work with each other in order to get food to the table on time.

One of the most effective ways on how to keep people stay pleasant with each other is to bring food to the table. In some occasions, if you let them work in the kitchen and then dine together, it even produces a better output.

Now, other than eating with each other, cooking can also be a great team building activity especially if you cook for the community. Perhaps, you can get the entire organization to volunteer towards helping poor families in your community. Not only does it open people’s eyes towards challenges that the community is facing.

Amazing Race

Exploring a new city, enjoying the company of each other, and being put in a situation where each person’s ability to lead can be exercised, these are just some of the reasons why an Amazing Race team building activity makes a lot of sense.

This is perfect for those large groups that are looking to get the team moving. Now, if you are worried that you have members of your organization who aren’t exactly physically fit, the Amazing Race activities can be tweaked accordingly. It can be less physical and be more mental. But nonetheless, people are going to enjoy the activities. It can allow them to have their chance to be in the spotlight. And by the way that it is designed, it doesn’t really matter whether or not you finish first. What matters the most is that it can be used as a way to improve the overall interaction of people in your organization. Choose from an amazing race in the following locations – Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane or Perth.

Team building by the beach

The office setting can be quite stressful especially if the company had a lot of activities over the last few months. This can build tension within the organization and can even get people to feel fatigued. One great way to build trust within your team is when you do team building activities on the beach. Now, going outdoors, in the presence of sand and water can help people get rid of tension and just relax. With well-planned activities by the beach, it can allow them to de-stress and just feel refreshed after.

Some organizations pick areas that are near the beach for this reason. And right after the activities, the group can easily have fun with each other.

Art Team Building Activity

It is quite common that employees don’t usually get to enjoy their creative side. It is quite common that some people tend to focus too much on the job that they are doing on a day-to-day basis. Art team building activities are a simple way to help lessen stress, build camaraderie within the group, and not spend so much money.

Corporate Casino Events

Now, another great team building experience is for companies to host a casino event. Corporate casino events have become popular simply because casinos bring in so much fun. Now, organizations can host the prizes that can make the games interesting. And by doing so, not only will this lead towards a fun day among peers, it can also get the adrenaline running.

Building a playground

One unconventional way to conduct team building activity is by building a playground for the community. Not only does it foster awareness, it can also help bring people to work together towards the greater good of the community. Now, if you are worried that not everyone has the necessary skills to build a playground, there are several roles that they can play to contribute towards giving the community a playground where kids can play.

Executive retreats

Like what we have mentioned earlier, not all team building activities are the same. There are team building activities specifically made for a specific group. Executives tend to have different expectations from team building activities.

This type of program tends to offer something different for individuals who are always stressed in the workplace. Also, expect that these team building activities involve a lot of time wherein they can also relax and unwind and assess the activities that were done throughout the day.

Team building activities can be beneficial in so many ways. And for this reason, it is important that companies do it at least once every year. Considering the number of team building activities that you can do, these are just some options that your organization can go for.

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