The Amazing Race Perth: Experience Team Building Like Never Before

The Amazing Race Perth: Experience Team Building Like Never Before

Discover an extraordinary way to enhance teamwork with “The Amazing Race Perth.” This unique experience, crafted by XL Events, is far more than just a race. It’s a journey through the heart of Perth, blending the city’s ever-changing landscape with fun, engaging challenges that bring teams closer together. With over 13 years of expertise in orchestrating Perth team building activities, XL Events transforms the standard team building activity into an unforgettable adventure around Perth.

A Tailored Corporate Experience

Our Promise: The Amazing Race Perth is more than just a corporate activity; it’s a meticulously tailored experience. We ensure that the race aligns with your team’s capabilities, avoiding the pitfalls of common treasure or scavenger hunts. Safety and professionalism are paramount in our races, making them a secure and enjoyable experience for all participants.

I would like to thank the XL Events team for an absolutely amazing day, all thoroughly enjoyed themselves! Once again thanks for your professionalism and making the day a success that it was!
Travis Lester Olex

Western Australia

Why Choose The Amazing Race Perth?

  • Innovative Challenges: Explore Elizabeth Quay and other dynamic locations, offering unique team challenges.
  • Customized Experience: Our races are specifically tailored to your team’s needs and abilities.
  • Safety First: Comprehensive risk assessment and a $20M insurance policy ensure a safe environment.
  • Focus on Collaboration: Emphasizing teamwork and interaction over sheer competition and physical prowess.
  • Diverse Locations: From the CBD to Fremantle, each race location offers its own set of intriguing challenges.
  • Strategic Planning: A race budget for teams encourages strategic thinking and collaboration.
  • Accessibility: Convenient locations with short walks or public transport options.

Popular Race Locations

  • CBD: Incorporating the new Elizabeth Quay.
  • South Perth: A fan favorite with diverse challenges.
  • Kings Park: Ideal for large-scale, fun activities.
  • Subiaco: Culinary challenges with a touch of wine tasting.
  • Fremantle Amazing Race: A mix of nautical adventures, history, and entertainment.
  • Suburbs to the City: Start at your workplace and race into the city.

Collaboration Over Competition

At XL Events, we believe in fostering collaboration. Our Amazing Race schedules are designed to cater to varied physical abilities and preferences, ensuring everyone can participate fully. By focusing on team success and collective efforts, we create a more inclusive and engaging experience.

Race Budget and Strategy

Incorporating a race budget adds an exciting strategic element. Teams must brainstorm and share ideas, making the journey a valuable learning experience. This approach not only enhances the race’s excitement but also fosters essential team-building skills.

The Perfect Out-of-Office Experience

The Amazing Race Perth is the ideal activity to break away from the monotony of conference rooms. Participants will explore Elizabeth Quay, Hay Street, Murray Street Mall, and more, experiencing Perth’s unique bars and quirky shops. The race’s backdrop, the stunning Swan River, adds to its charm, making it a memorable team-building experience.

Join The Amazing Race Perth Now!

Ready to embark on an adventure that strengthens your team’s bonds? Join us for The Amazing Race Perth and transform your team’s dynamics with an exhilarating, collaborative, and memorable experience. Contact XL Events today to start planning your Amazing Race in Perth. Let’s make your next team-building activity truly AMAZING!


The original Perth Amazing Race now incorporating Elizabeth Quay.

South Perth

One of our most popular Perth Amazing race locations!

Kings Park

Loads of space for loads of BIG fun challenges!


Jam packed with foody challenges and the odd wine tasting!

Fremantle Amazing Race

Lots of nautical challenges, prisons, beer, history & fun!

Suburbs to the City

Race from your workplace into the city and some fun!