The Bike Factory – building Bikes for Tykes

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Engage your team 

Are you looking for a way to engage your team and provide some motivation after a tough year? Or maybe you want to unify the team, bring them together and really do some good for the community, whilst also focusing on developing their professional relationships?

Are you looking to better align your organisation, or even your team, with the needs of the community?

Then you need to have a look at The Bike Factory team building activity.

An adaptation of the Build a Bike for Kids and Bikes for Tykes programs, The Bike Factory goes much further in bringing real change to the attitudes within your team and provides a platform for greater engagement into the future.

Aside from being a hugely fun and interactive team activity, it provides a flexible format to adapt to most teams outcomes, and really promotes strong and effective working relationships.

This activity can easily be tailored to:

  • Enhance team functionality
  • Improve group dynamics
  • Enhance productive and effective working relationships
  • Improve employee engagement and help achieve your business objectives



Build a bike for kids and really make a difference in their lives

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Supporting Foster Kids by providing positive touch points in their lives makes a real difference. It’s not just the kids that benefit from The Bike Factory, your team will too!

An Emotional Encounter to remember!

The kids don’t know they are getting bikes, and your team has no idea they are about to hand bikes to the kids. When the penny drops and the kids realise they are receiving a new bike… well let us just say we have seen grown men cry!

Making sure your efforts and generosity is delivered where it is needed most…

group picture with bikes

  • Supporting real people with real issues in a professional and honorable way
  • Delivering emotional encounters and raising awareness  through tailored team activities
  • Engaging your team through focused facilitation, and making a difference where it counts

Get your team to care…

This “Bikes for Tykes” style event combines a focused emotional encounter and a learning opportunity to create a powerful experience for your team.

It will leave your team with heavy hearts and a huge sense of accomplishment. They will feel the value in achieving greatness together as a team and celebrate their success.

Each program is tailored to suit your group – whether you wish to hold it indoors or outdoors, focus on a specific theme, develop inter-team relationships or just bring the team together for some fun and kindness.

How it Works…

Teams earn bike parts by completing a series of fun interactive challenges that are designed to suit all personality types and promote maximum participation through dynamic facilitation. The activity is flexible and can be tailored to deliver a key message, drive home key learning, promote your teams’ customer service skills, break down silos, improve networking and build sustainable relationships.

Once teams have collected all the bike parts, the race is on to build their bikes, and pass their stringent bike inspection from our qualified mechanic. A high level of quality control and a focus on deadlines ensures its heads down and bums up, in a highly engaging bike building workshop!

Great for…

Graduate Recruitment – Engage new graduates, undergraduates, and Interns, and provide an activity that is engaging and highlights your organization’s values.

Values and Strategy – The Bike Factory is flexible and can be tailored to meet your overall communication objectives, providing an emotive experience, and aligns tour organisations CSR goals with the needs of the community.

Team Alignment – highlight the work preferences and personality styles in the team, and develop a greater understanding of each other work style.

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The Bike Factory can be tailored for any size group, from 5 to 1000 people. If you would like more information, please give the team a call.

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