Covid Safe Team Building Activities

Covid Safe Team Building Activities

Are you confused about the everchanging regulations around group gathering and events during the current Covid pandemic? If you answered YES, you are not alone! Here are some creative ways for covid safe team building activities to keep the event fun & entertaining.

The team at XL Events have spent a lot of time going through and untangling the current state rules applying to gatherings and group activities, and we have some great news. We have modified a large range of out team building activities to ensure they are Covid Safe, and adhere to each states Covid regulations. Meaning you can focus on getting your team back together to unite and engage them after a tough couple of years. Remote working has been great; however, it has done nothing for team culture, and has proven to have had a number of negative effects of team performance and engagement.

How to organise a Covid safe team activity

Where ever you are located, our state and territory offices are on hand to discuss, design and deliver safe and engaging covid safe team building activities and workshops anywhere in Australia. We are working closely with our preferred venues around the country to ensure they are on the same page, and providing outdoor venues where possible, and well-ventilated indoor venues where required.

We will work closely with you to ensure we meet your companies Covid Safe policies, and align these with each state and territories regulations, to provide SAFE, fun and engaging team building during Covid experiences. Our aim is to give you and your team peace of mind!

All of our Covid safe team building activities are Risk Assessed, and Safety Plans put in place to protect both your team, as well as ours. Our team are double vaccinated as a minimum.

We provide hand sanitiser (and masks where needed), thoroughly disinfect and sanitise all our equipment prior to each event, as well as providing Covid Safe plans for all participants.

How to choose a Covid Safe team building activity

All our modified Covid safe activities are custom designed to suit your requirements and the needs of the participants attending. Unlike many team activities on the market, we make sure we get as much detail from each client as possible to provide both a safe event and also that we meet expectations on every occasion. Creating an enjoyable and highly engaging positive team experience is as important as delivering a safe one. Your people need to go away after our team events, feeling elated, connected and with a sense of purpose. And that they will… we guarantee it!

Check out our full list of popular covid safe activities below.

Still not sure about getting the team together after a tough couple of years?

Our team is here to assist you and answer any questions about designing a Covid team building activity for you team. We have a number of options available and can modify the majority of our team activities to suit any location, business requirement and government Covid regulation.

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Team Building Activities anywhere in Australia!

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