What Made The Amazing Race Melbourne So Popular Among Organizations?

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Melbourne team building activities have grown in popularity in the last years. Over the years, there were a great number of options to choose from ranging from activities meant for small groups to activities that can be enjoyed by large organizations.

One of the most popular activities in Melbourne is the Amazing Race. Why did the Amazing Race team building activity become a hit? The Amazing Race Melbourne was patterned after the popular TV show The Amazing Race. The same as the TV show, participants are going to interact with the locals, make use of public transportations, and complete the race on a limited budget to be able to finish the race.

The race is formulated in such a way that participants get to appreciate the beauty of Melbourne. From the Melbourne Central Business District to the Brunswick and Northcote up north of the Melbourne CBD, these are just some of the popular areas that you will be able to see. The race can also add the beach in areas such as St Kilda, wherein it gives you a nice view of the beachside town.

Participants have to figure out clues, finish the challenges in the shortest time possible, and even be creative if they want to get to the finish line. So what makes it so popular?

Why the Amazing Race Has Become Popular Among Organizations?

Element of fun

One of the things that made the Amazing Race team building activity popular is the fact that it is fun. Members of different organizations are excited to do this team building activity simply because it is a game that they can do with other members of the organization.

They can be in an environment that doesn’t require them to be serious about work. Instead, they can be themselves and just enjoy the moment. And also, unlike the TV show wherein teams are highly competitive, the Amazing Race team building activity offers a more relaxed environment wherein winning doesn’t matter that much. You can finish last and it still doesn’t matter much.

Combination of both mental and physical challenges

Just like the TV show, the appeal of this team building activity is based on the premise that you will have to use not only your physique to be able to finish the challenges fast. You will also have to make certain decisions that could speed up everything in your favor.

Chance to become a leader

Not everyone has a chance to become a leader in a normal work setting. Some simply take commands from the management. Given this set up in an organization, it is sometimes a difficult choice for the company to select a new leader who they can promote. With the Amazing Race, it fosters people’s ability to lead a group. Regardless of your position in your company or in the organization, every participant is given the chance to take the steering wheel and lead the group.

There are parts of the race wherein every member is going to be taking the leadership role. It can be decided by the group who goes first and who goes next and so forth. But the bottom line is that everyone gets the chance to be a leader.

Creative solutions for challenges

Often, those who finish the Amazing Race first are those that could come up with genius ideas. Since you will be given the freedom to formulate ideas to reach the next stop, creativity is something that could come in handy during this activity. This is something that is usually not seen in a typical work setting. The typical work settings sometimes make people follow the orders of those from the managerial posts.

Companies can benefit from the lessons learned by their members during the Amazing Race activity. This teaches participants not to be too reliant on the managers.

Improve team dynamics

The lack of team dynamics can be a serious concern for some organizations especially when productivity suffers. Indeed, there is no “I” in a team. With the Amazing Race activity, team dynamics is fostered in an organic manner.

The Amazing Race activity offers an opportunity wherein people can rely on each other’s skills and knowledge. Plus, it can improve team dynamics by figuring out how each person works. Unfortunately, a lot of people don’t get to know how the other person deals with problems and how he or she mind maps a particular answer to these concerns.

Since a team building activity is a chance where participants are relaxed and free from the stressful workplace, it is easier to appreciate the other person’s ingenuity and resourcefulness in solving problems. These things contribute to good team dynamics within the workplace.

Meant for large and small groups

The Amazing Race Team Building Activity is also fit for both small and large companies. Regardless if you have a group of ten people in your company or you have them by the hundreds subdivided into different departments, the Amazing Race Team Building is something that can be enjoyed by both small and large organizations.

Safe for everyone

Safety is considered by many as an important consideration whenever they are going to have a team-building activity. One misconception about the Amazing Race team building activity is that you have to be extremely fit to be able to enjoy. In reality, you don’t have to be an athlete to appreciate the Amazing Race. Though it requires that you walk and you move around, but it doesn’t mean that you will have to sprint.

The good news is that it can also be modified depending on the age group of your organization. It can be changed to fit your needs. Plus, there will always be the experts on standby ready to help in case the participants need some sort of assistance.

The Amazing Race as a team-building activity is now popular in Melbourne. There are a lot of reasons why organizations will choose something like this. A team-building activity that can be enjoyed not only by young members but even by older members of the organization, expect everyone to have fun in the process. And since it doesn’t foster a competitive environment despite being a race, participants can have an easier time to just relax, enjoy each other’s company, and see what Melbourne has to offer.

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