Tips on Becoming a Team Player in the Kitchen

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The popularity of team cooking activities has surged over the years in Melbourne. In fact, it’s one of our popular team building activities today is our corporate cooking challenges. Here, participants go head to head against each other as they try to have a better meal against the other team.

We offer the BBQ MasterChef to have groups test their culinary skills as they have to work together. Here, they will be prepping their meal without blowing their budget. And also, they will have to beat the time. Now, we have our head chef to guide the team from start to finish. Now, another award that will be given by the end of the activity is the best team player in the kitchen. Now, this is something that you can secure for your own. Though your team won’t win the best dish or the best in presentation, it is still possible to win the best team player.

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1. Basic Kitchen Skills

You don’t really have to be a chef. However, it is imperative that you know a bit about the basic kitchen responsibilities in order to be able to help your team. You need to know a thing or two about prepping the meals to budgeting. These are some of the skills that will come in handy when it comes to helping your team.

Once you have the basic kitchen skills, it becomes easier for you to take different roles during the activity. You can be the one in charge of marinating the meat, and you can also be the one who will be the one to finish the food prep once the meal has been cooked.

2. Communication skills

Next, apart from basic kitchen skills, the MasterChef team building would require its participants to be able to communicate with each other. It will help not only in delegating the task but in making sure that everyone is on the same page. Now, not only is this a characteristic that can help you win the best team player award, but it can also help give you the leverage in the coming years as you tend to interact with your co-workers in the workplace.

Having good communication skills can help secure the best team player award in a corporate cooking competition.

3. Driven to succeed

You can’t teach heart. You often hear this from athletes, coaches, and even among motivational speakers. In reality, someone who is driven can definitely bring the best out of the other people that he or she is dealing with. You might not be a chef in terms of your kitchen skills, but your drive could easily give the team the dynamics that it needs in order to finish strong regardless if you are going to win the awards or not.

4. Ability to adapt to other people’s personality

One thing that you have to understand is that you will be dealing with different personalities within your team. The larger the group, the more diverse are the personalities that you will have to deal with. It means that someone who is considered a team player should be able to adapt to a lot of personalities. A good team player is someone who can minimize friction within the group.

Dynamics within a group may differ especially when you have different personalities that could potentially clash. What you want is to be able to not only lessen the tension but to allow different members to settle their differences to ensure that you finish the goal.

5. Have good leadership skills

Another important tip in order to secure the best team player award during the corporate cooking activity is by having leadership skills. What makes a good leader in the first place? A good leader should be someone who isn’t just pointing fingers. It is important that a team player is willing to help and sacrifice to make sure that the team reaches the goal.

Leadership skill is also about inspiring other people to push towards the goal. Maybe, it is quite obvious that you are going to lose against the other team, but a good leader can help keep the fighting spirit running.

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6. Ability to solve problems

There will be problems along the way during the cooking activity. Maybe, you are running out of ingredients? Perhaps, the budget that was given to you wasn’t really enough to buy all the necessary ingredients? What exactly are you going to do?

A good team player can find a way to talk to the team, huddle and solve problems one after the other. A lot of times, it takes not only common problem-solving skills to figure things out. It is important for a team player to work with the entire team when it comes to solving problems. Here, everyone is going to be aware of what they are dealing with. And once they figured out the problems, it becomes possible to find viable solutions as a group.

7. Willingness to help beyond his/her role

Another important characteristic of a team player is someone who is willing to go beyond his or her role during the activity. It is quite easy to just stick to your responsibilities and let other members carry on with their tasks. However, it is quite common to see someone struggling in your team. Perhaps, it is due to the lack of basic cooking skills. Or perhaps, the task at hand assigned to your teammate is just harder.

Helping another teammate is also a way of showing concern to the overall progress of the entire team. It means that you are more than willing to cover for someone as long as you know that you can be of help.

Corporate cooking challenges can help give participants the chance to realize their full potential. It teaches more than just cooking a delicious meal. It helps foster attitude that can be applied not only during the cooking challenge but even in the workplace challenges. Now, the team player award is given to recognize the efforts of someone who went beyond what is expected in order to deliver the best results.

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