The best team building activities in Brisbane and the Gold Coast

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How can we get our team focussing better on collaboration and team relationships?

A very common question these days following nearly two years of remote working and increasingly fractured teams. There is no easy answer, given the number of erroneous challenges that organisations are faced with on a daily basis, considering the constant changes made by state and federal government as they grapple to make it look like they in control of the pandemic.

Getting the team together in a safe and organised way, where they participate and enjoy a positive shared experience as a team, is one way to promote collaboration between team members, as well as breaking down barriers to establishing long and fruitful professional relationships.

Not all team building activities suit every team member… select carefully!
XL Events Brisbane office have seen an increase in enquiries from clients looking to do just that, especially now the state has opened up. Team building in Brisbane is at a bit of a crossroads in terms or what popular activities will achieve the best outcomes for teams seeking to improve collaboration. Previously popular team building activities in Brisbane like Amazing Races, Virtual platform experiences, Survivor Challenges and Drumming circles might not be the most suitable as they focus on the individual, are competitive, and often lack the potential to share ideas fluently with team mates. These are still fun and engaging activities, however there are better options available.

A great example of effective Brisbane team building activities to combat the effects of extended isolation / working from home, are team activities where the team can participate and celebrate their success together as a whole team (rather than having winners and losers). Sharing in the teams success as a whole leaves a lasting feeling of belonging, impacts team culture in a very positive way, and provides a valuable foundation to est
ablish long lasting relationships within the team.

It must be highlighted that just because the manager or boss likes to watch Survivor, or SAS Australia, or even likes to go remote camping, it doesn’t always send positive feelings through the team when asked to attend a team day based on the boss’s favourite TV shows or past times.

Shift in CULTURE

Selecting and designing suitable activities for our Brisbane Team Building clients is always a challenge, and its always made easier when prospective clients are honest when asked what outcomes they are hoping for from bringing the team together. To improve or shift team culture, think about the daily challenges facing the team, and what you would like to address or highlight during a team activity. Start with the obvious challenges and look at an issue that the team may experience regularly, and start designing the team building activity around this. An experienced facilitator should be able to get the team to mirror certain behaviours, and highlight any differences, personality clashes, or even conflict withing a team, then be able to discuss these with the team in an open forum debrief.

The city lends itself to some great outdoor venues very close to or even in the middle of the CBD. Some very popular locations for team building in Brisbane include Brisbane Botanic Gardens, Kangaroo Point, West End, and our favourite, the Roma Street Parklands. These venues provide a great natural environment, plenty of green space, and ample fresh air to keep the team focussed and motivated.

Working on developing team culture never stops. Good positive and engaging team culture only happens when teams actively participate in regular team building activities. Brisbane is no different from holding team building activities on the Gold Coast, and team building on the Sunshine Coast, in that they are very effective in establishing and maintain positive team culture when designed properly, and all personalities in the team are considered. Get the team outdoors and challenge them to come together as a team with a common purpose. Keep it fun, engaging and ensure you challenge all personalities and those with differing work styles, by including a variety of team challenges.

Large group team building activity on The Gold Coast
Cleverly selecting team activities and their timing can really shine the light on a conference agenda and make it memorable experience for all attendees. Keeping the agenda flowing and ensuring plenty of free time for delegates ensures they can engage and get involved with the sessions better than if they are rushed and time poor. Make the most out of the location you conference in and your team will love you for it! Reaching out to a reputable and established team building company to help you deliver the best team experience will go a long way in ensuring positive, long talked about team experience that will only benefit the team, the culture and ensure you get the outcomes you’re looking for from team building in Brisbane and the Gold and Sunshine Coasts.
To discuss Brisbane team building activities, for some assistance to plan a Gold Coast team Building activity, or if you are looking at Sunshine Coast team building options, contact XL Events to guide you to ensure you choose the right team activity for your team.

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