The Hottest Team Building Trends for 2018

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Can you believe that it’s 2018 already? The team at XL have been busy over the summer brainstorming and designing new and exciting team building activities, having identified some new trends in the industry.

Our clients are always on the lookout for different activities and new team building ideas that will not only challenge their teams but also provide them with a fun, safe and highly interactive experience. This is where our job gets to be a whole bunch of awesome!

Having been designing and managing team building activities for nearly 18 years, we think we have a pretty good handle on whats popular now, what activities are close to there use by date, and most importantly, what the next big thing in team building.

Here are our predictions for the hottest team building trends in 2018.

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1. Giving back to those less fortunate.

Almost 60% of the team building activities we managed in 2017 had some form of CSR component. Companies have really embraced the whole ‘giving back to the community’ attitude and supporting charities and foundations who assist people in need and the less fortunate.

Whether it be food hampers, kids bikes, warm nutritious meals, or even family support strategies, our charity team building department has been busier than ever. In fact last year we connected 96 companies with amazing charitable organisations throughout the country, with nearly 40% of the companies now providing their ongoing support, time and expertise. This is something we are passionate about, and we take our role as acting as a conduit between Corporate Australia and the increasing community needs very seriously.

Our two biggest passions are assisting troubled Foster Children and fighting the fight against the increasing problem of Homelessness in Australia. Our most popular CSR activities in the past 12 months have been The Bike Factory and Community Kitchen.

In 2017 we rebuilt houses, sowed crops, held charity auctions, managed a food drive, donated thousands of bikes and toys, and provided nearly a thousand warm meals to people living on the streets.

We are launching 2 new charity team building programs in 2018… stay tuned!

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2. The increased popularity of Indoor Team Building

Traditionally team activities were predominantly requested to be held outdoors, in the fresh air and sunshine. The trend in 2017 was far more ‘controlled’ team building experiences that could be facilitated indoors. Initially, we thought it was more to do with safety and maybe even company reputation (what happens indoors, stays indoors). We were way off the mark! Clients wanted more detail and focus from their teams, and the idea that there are too many distractions outdoors diluting the activities impact has seen an increase in indoor activities.

In previous years activities like Amazing Races and other reality TV style activities, run outdoors, sometimes lacked the impact and learning potential due to the outdoor nature of the experience. In a more controlled environment, it is easier to ‘manage the learning potential’ and observe the finer interpersonal interactions between team members, thus improving ROI and takeaways from the activity.

3. Collaboration over Competition

This is a trend we identified a few years ago. It’s challenging designing team building activities when our brief is centered on ‘making it competitive’, as we believe it’s counterproductive to have winners and losers, especially in a team environment.

Activities where the whole team can achieve success together, and the ability to engage them into a common goal, has a far greater impact and will be remembered longer than having a small group of winners, and the remainder of the team feeling like losers. Keep team building activities collaborative in nature and everyone wins!

A successful team activity will suit you, your team and your goals, giving a sense of value to your group and with the aim of developing a great team.

To partner with TeamXL for your next offsite, team building day, conference or corporate retreat, please visit or call the office directly on 0412379233 and chat to our sales team about the top team building trends this year.


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