The Positive Benefits of Team Building Activities

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A lot has been documented about the benefits of team building over the years, generally with loads of oh’s and um’s, as to the benefits of team building activities in today’s corporate environment.

As someone on the front line of the team building industry, designing and managing numerous programs for corporate clients each week, in Australia, Asia, and New Zealand we can honestly say that team building is more important than ever!

We design and manage around 200 programs a year and our team building Sydney, team building Melbourne and Perth team building activities have taken a real turn towards teams engaging more with community needs. The industry has changed as the need for more tailored and focused interventions has developed, thus some of the requests we receive each week are nothing less than ‘out of this world’!

We had a call from an IT company in Perth recently, and this company had done it all, some good and some pretty ordinary. They wanted something very different, something that their team would be talking about for years to come, and something that actually had some traction.

By traction, we are talking about the importance of team connection, but to the community and beyond. We suggested that the company look at an activity that ignited the common passion of the team and also addressed real community issues at the same time. The Community Kitchen was suggested for the client and a tailored program was designed for this regular team building Perth client.

people cooking

Not only was the team totally engaged, they brought in to the scope of preparing and cooking warm nutritious meals for those living rough on the streets of Perth. And what better way to tie the focus of the activity into community needs, than to have one of our food charity partners, Oz Harvest, there to receive the 280 meals to be distributed to the streets that evening. Impressive stuff! Great social responsibility was developed.

So for those who think they have done it all, think again.

Your team efforts can really make a difference in the community, as well as within your very own team. Win-Win in every sense!

Team Building really does make a difference!

Think about that for a second.

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