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Oh what a week! Midway through a 4 country MasterChef tour with two of our largest clients, and I am pretty tired! Sitting here in Ngurah Rai Airport waiting to board yet another plane, I started a conversation with a well dressed and friendly Balinese gentleman, Pak Gede. We shot the breeze for a few minutes with small talk, and then out of the blue he asked me what I did for work.

“Oh, I am a team building facilitator” I responded knowing full well he wouldn’t have a clue what I was talking about. “Apa…“was his obvious response. I just laughed with him, as infectious as the Balinese laughter is, as I started to explain what team building was to Pak, however the look on his face was one of utter bewilderment. 

“You build what?…”

He nodded politely as I drilled down more into what I did for a living, just confusing him more and more.

Finally, with a big smile on my face, I explained it like this. “I design and deliver kids games for adults”. He was in stitches with laughter, I could see his mind trying work out what the hell this bule’ was talking about. There was a pause as I watched him process what I had just said, and then the penny dropped… “You make fun for a job” he blurted out, looking at me intently for some form of positive response.

I pretty much just nodded at him and smiled again, “yes Pak, that’s exactly what I do for a job”.

This got me thinking about how many people have participated in our team building activities over the past 13 years, and what the common thread was in nearly every activity we have designed and delivered over that period. The common thread is FUN!

When a client contacts us with a request for a team activity, or looking for some fun team building ideas, we always discuss what they are looking to achieve for the team from the experience, and what expectations they have for a successful activity. Collaboration, teamwork, improved communication between departments, promote creative and innovative thinking, develop relationships… the list is endless, however in nearly every conversation, fun is the key outcome clients stress. “Just make sure it is fun!”

So, are we talking about a team building activity here, or is it really a team reward, a celebration, or even an incentive you are looking for? This is where our job as team building specialists gets really interesting. Sometimes the task of extracting the information from clients is challenging, and it really feels like an interview at times. Most clients know what they want, yet a small majority have often been given the task to ‘find a good team building activity’ by their superiors, and have little or no background on the what, why or which one. “Just make sure it is fun!”

Having a clear understanding of the challenges a team faces, and knowing more about the teams dynamic and organisational goals can be the difference between doing a good team building activity, and participating an a great team activity that is engaging, memorable and has lasting benefits.

“Just make sure it is fun!”

As my flight to Bangkok started boarding, Pak Gede shook my hand and asked for my business card, exchanging it for his own. “I want to talk more to you Mr Mick, when you back in Bali?” I looked at Paks business card and smiled when I read ‘Director – Bali Tourism Board. ‘

“We need some fun at my work, and Bali is great for fun, can you help us?”

“Of course we can Pak, I will email you soon to get some details from you, ok”

“Terima Kasih Pak Mick, Just make sure it is fun!”

With that, I boarded my flight to Bangkok!

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