Rottnest Island team building

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A week of craziness in Perth, Rottnest Island team building and racing around Phuket

What a week the team from XL have had!

It all started with a massive 30 hours in Thailand and an Amazing Race around Phuket for 300 conference delegates from Malaysia, and ended up on Rottnest Island, 20km offshore from Perth having a bunch of fun with 170 years 8 kids from St Marks Anglican School.

How do we do it… well a whole lot of planning, patience, and some very left field thinking certainly helps!


Let’s start with Thailand…


The team at XL and our sister company in Thailand are pretty used to last minute bookings, however, this one was as last minute as you would ever want.


One week from enquiry through to delivery is definitely cutting it fine. Add some very high expectations, a client who is a Malaysian event Guru, and a big group of 300 future leaders, and you have what we can only describe as pressure to perform.


Thailand can be challenging enough when designing and delivering corporate events and team building activities, especially with the language barriers, traffic snarls, cultural differences and logistical nightmares involved with large group movements.
group planning trucks people enjoying
To make things even more difficult, we found out that if the whole country is in mourning following the death of their much loved King, then the whole shebang becomes an absolute nightmare that only 22 hour days and way too much coffee can make work. This was by far the hardest our team has ever worked on an event.


Let’s look at the details…
  • 300 young go-getters, graduates and high achievers from a global insurance company, one week to organise a full-on Amazing Race across the island,
  • monsoon rain and wind,
  • 600 plastic ponchos (7 eleven.. thank you!),
  • 33 Tuk Tuks,
  • the Phuket Mafia,
  • bribes to the Phuket Mafia,
  • arguments with the Phuket Mafia,
  • 47 staff,
  • a suitcase full of Thai Baht,
  • 600 bottles of water,
  • 1700 digital images,
  • and delegates from 5 different religious groups!

And it all went to plan!

Team building Perth

4 hours after the race, it’s back on a plane for some Perth team building activities and a 3-day school camp on Rottnest Island. An Amazing Race around Rotto, a Short Film Festival, and a very wet and windy Beach Olympics across the school camp, with 12 staff and 120kg of gear and equipment moving across the island daily!
And what an absolute pleasure these kids were to work with.


Both Phuket and Rotto were two very different events, yet very similar in the logistics involved in planning and delivery. Both events were focused on fun and engagement, yet the participants were very different indeed.


We all made a comment that 15-year-old kids approach the team challenges very differently to adults, they certainly do not over think the challenges, and just get it done. Adults tend to over analyse the task in front of them, and overall team personalities play a big part in how they approach a challenge. And our team, who have been managing events for a combined 45 years, learned a lesson on Rotto – Kids just get it done!


They don’t complain, they don’t have egos, they just get the job done!


several people sitting


So here we sit on the plane out of Perth back to Sydney, leaving the XL Events Perth team building crew to clean up all the gear, and its onto the next couple of large events this week.


Planning is well underway for this weeks 130 person Community Kitchen in Melbourne dishing up 500 meals for people living rough on the streets, then a 700 person Toy Factory in Sydney, assembling a truckload of toys for the less fortunate in southern Sydney.


Our motto going into the next few events is inspired by the lesson we learned from the kids on Rotto… ‘ Let’s just get it done!’


What a week indeed!

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