Reasons Why Most Organizations Prefer The Amazing Race Australia

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Australia team building activities are fast becoming popular. It has been used by different companies to improve on different aspects of their daily routines at work. And over the years, organizations have benefited from these activities.

Team building activities are being organized across the country including Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney, and Perth. Top management from different organizations believed that these team building activities can help improve their performance. In the long run, it is beneficial in so many ways. It has been used to improve communications within the organization, while some organizations even see a positive change in their productivity after a team-building activity.

There are a lot of team building activities to choose from. It can range from those activities that focus on helping the community while other activities cater more towards the fun aspect of team building activities. The Amazing Race Australia has become a top option for many organizations today. Now, why do organizations prefer this over others? Here are some reasons why.

Reasons Why Organizations Pick the Amazing Race Australia

Fun for participants

The element of fun is an important consideration when it comes to picking the right team building activity for the organization. For some organizations, they require the full participation of their employees simply because they want to maximize the result from the team building activities. If not a hundred percent participation on the part of employees, what exactly is the point of having a team-building activity?

With the Amazing Race activity, you get a modern team building activity that employees are more willing to participate in. Aside from full participation, you can expect this activity to lessen the stress among your employees. Workplaces nowadays are known for their stressful nature. People work for more than 40 hours a week to get the job done.

With an activity such as The Amazing Race, participants can enjoy the beauty of Australia regardless if it is Melbourne, Perth, or Sydney.

Can be tweaked for different employees

Yes, it is for every organization. However, one concern is the physical aspect of some team building activities. The good news with the Amazing Race is that it can be tweaked specifically for different employees.

The challenges don’t have to be extremely physical. Instead, it can require mental exercises that employees will love. And also, you can have a small organization and run this type of team building activity. There is a low minimum of participants to get started.

Participants are going to interact with each other

An important aspect of any team building activity is to get participants to interact with each other. Though it is easier said than done, if done correctly, a team building activity can be considered a success.

With the Amazing Race, it can become an avenue wherein employees can engage with each other. It means that they can build a bond outside the workplace, which is something that can make work hours more bearable. In some instances, it can even make working with other people less stressful and more productive in the long run.

By design, the Amazing Race is not an activity that can be completed all on your own. To get to the next leg, the participants have to talk to each other and have teamwork. There are some situations wherein a team will have to come up with a decision quickly if they want to finish ahead of other teams. Not only does it teach participants to settle their differences for a common goal, but it also teaches them how to communicate and resolve problems together.

Improve critical thinking

Critical thinking can come in handy for any organization. Whether you have a small or a big organization, having a team that can think and formulate concrete solutions to your problems can make a huge difference in the long run.

The downside is that not all instances foster critical thinking in the workplace. Sometimes, people tend to do their routine or just say yes to whatever management has to say. In reality, this is counterproductive. However, this commonly happens in the workplace. With team building activities such as The Amazing Race, participants are encouraged to think and to find creative solutions to the challenges.

This is a perspective that companies can apply in their daily routine as well. Management could see the potential of using their employees’ critical thinking ability towards solving challenges and even preventing burn out within their ranks.

Training leadership skills

Leadership is another important reason why a lot of organizations today pick the Amazing Race over other team building activities in Australia. Leadership is oftentimes honed in different scenarios. Though some have a natural inclination towards being leaders, normally, people need to learn this skill via different exercises.

Organizations can benefit from leaders within their ranks. It only means that there is always someone who could step up in case the organization is facing challenges. With the Amazing Race, everyone gets a chance to be a leader. He or she gets to call the shots to get the team moving forward. This design has been specifically made to get everyone involved and discover or hone their leadership potential.


Team building activities can help strengthen the bond among the participants. In reality, camaraderie is something that can’t be forced in the workplace especially when everyone needs to meet a deadline. It has to organically happen. Unfortunately, not everyone is going to bond after work. Instead, people tend to go home to their family after the 8-hour shift.

With the Amazing Race, it becomes an avenue where they can bond and simply have fun. It can improve teamwork plus it can even allow people to know each other better. It is facilitated in such a way wherein participants can get close to each other.

Safe for everyone

Lastly, safety is another concern by different organizations. On top of enjoyment and all the other perks, organizations want the participants to be safe during the activities. With the Amazing Race, you get staff members on standby to oversee everything.

The Amazing Race is now popular in Australia for good reasons. Organizations can get the benefits out of the activities from improved communication to leadership. And not only that, participants have the chance to enjoy the beautiful sights. Regardless if you have a small or a large organization, this team building activity can benefit your productivity and overall dynamics.

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