New Team Building Activities in Perth

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Team Building Perth  

XL Events have designed and facilitated more than 600 Perth team building activities over the past 10 years, and we love doing it because corporate events and team activities in Perth are so rewarding for us to manage.

Our Perth team were busy with multiple team building activities each week during the mining and resource boom, and we saw a real transition over that period from ‘get to know each other’ activities, right through to formal strategic and planning activities. The real upside during the boom was that we were able to test and improve our team building content, delivery, and offerings in real time, and process improves our team building and development services as a result.

Our most popular and successful team building activities were the one that had a real focus, and were designed to suit all team members participating, broached real issues and delivered a key message.

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These include team activities to:

  • Engage new project teams and promote professional work relationships
  • Develop a culture of collaboration and idea sharing
  • Deliver key messages and promote the benefit of diversity in teams in addressing ‘silos’
  • Promote teamwork, communication, and trust through regular corporate team building Perth
  • To reward teams for their hard work and successes during and at the end of a project

Since the mining and resource boom has slowed, our focus at XL has been on fine-tuning our Perth team building activity offerings to ensure they stay relevant, innovative and meet the demand and requirements from our clients.

This includes designing a number of new cutting edge team experiences and facilitation techniques to ensure a unique experience for all participants, as well as partnering with a number of great non-profits to bring a new charitable team building focus.

In conjunction with a number of well-known charities and some not so well known yet non-profits, XL Events have launched a number of great outcomes based team building activities in Perth designed to align organisations culture and strategic focus to the needs of the community and those less fortunate improving the ethics in team leadership.

These new  team building activities are unique to WA, and support Western Australians in need.

  • The Mystery Bus   – Board the Mystery Bus from your office for a day of teamwork, kindness and giving back where its most needed in the community. Tailored volunteering days anywhere in WA. 
  • Community Kitchen – Imagine the feeling of satisfaction of working together as a team to design a menu, prepare nutritious meals and cook hot well balanced dishes to then be distributed immediately to people living rough!
  • Community Fundraiser – bringing the team together to design a fund raising platform and then initiating a fundraiser to support your organisations nominated charity or cause.
  • Helping Hands – more than just a team building activity, this philanthropic program sees participants assemble prosthetic hands for landmine victims in the developing world. Powerful stuff!
  • The Bike Factory – one of our most popular Perth team building activities combines a focused emotional encounter and learning opportunity for a powerful experience for all involved.

group picture group in apron

Team activities don’t have to be about chasing each other around the city, or outwitting and outplaying other teams. team building activities in Perth should have a real impact and be designed to promote maximum engagement and participation, with a focus on not just the team, but also on what the team can achieve together. If your organisation has a cause it supports and would like to discuss how to integrate your next team building day with that cause, why not give our team a call and let us assist with making your next Team Day the best ever!

Give the team a call on 0412379233 or submit an online enquiry and we will contact you the same day.


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