How your team can help feed the homeless?

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According to a census in 2011, there were around 105,237 people in Australia suffering from homelessness. By 2016, the number of homeless individuals in the country jumped by around 14%. that’s an equivalent of more than 14,000 individuals spread across Australia.

Aside from worrying about having a roof on top of their head and a warm bed, homeless people are also usually hungry. They are at risk of getting sick mainly because of the lack of food. A lot of homeless individuals tend to beg for money in order to get by. And despite the economic progress the economy has gotten, this is something that has remained a problem.

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Ways to Feed the Hungry

The reality is that there are a number of ways how a team can help feed the homeless. It is possible to minimize the impact of homelessness and hunger by doing different things. Here are some of the best solutions that you and your team can go for.

1. Funding organizations that help feed the poor

There are a lot of companies today that are doing their own share of altruism. Corporate social responsibility is usually incentivized with tax cuts considering the economic impact that it can do to a community.

One way to help feed the homeless is by donating regularly to an organization that specifically helps poor communities as well as homeless individuals. These organizations may help homeless individuals in different ways ranging from providing free meals to a warm bed for the night. These types of organizations usually maintain their operations via donations from both individuals and organizations that believe in helping those who are in need.

2. Provide work opportunities for the homeless

One of the main problems why people stay homeless is the fact that they lack employment that can sustain a living. In reality, they are at a disadvantage compared to someone who has a permanent address. Could you imagine submitting a resume and you don’t even have a number that your prospective employer could call? Given today’s job market, it’s a cycle that lets them stay where they are.

Now, there are some companies that are offering a program to get homeless people to get back on their feet. Some companies go towards the extent of providing free meals as well as giving them work opportunities that allow them to have an income.

3. Support companies that help end homelessness

There are businesses that made it a point to help the community. There are businesses out there that also made it a point to include the homeless and the hungry as part of their success. For instance, if you encounter these businesses, perhaps, it is possible to get your company to do business with them instead of other competitors. This way, you indirectly contribute to a much bigger cause in solving hunger and homelessness within your community.

4. Sharing food with the homeless

Ever wondered what people usually do with food that they can’t eat anymore? It’s quite common to see food go to waste. In fact, according to statistics, 1/3 of the world’s food goes to waste. Yes, despite dealing with homelessness and hunger in different parts of the world, we still waste our food.

Now, why not organize within the workplace to collect food that hasn’t been consumed and share it with the homeless that you encounter on your way home? The good news is those small efforts can result in making a difference. It can become part of your company’s culture to collect food that can’t be consumed. Perhaps, you can have the company’s cafeteria give away food to feed the hungry?

This small act of kindness can go a long way. Could you imagine what excess food from 10 individuals can do?

5. Participating in meaningful team building activities

Team building activities have been considered fun by many. However, what if you can have a team building experience while helping the community as well?

Community Kitchen is a team building activity that has gained in popularity over the years. What it does is not only foster teamwork among participants. Instead, it fosters social responsibility among participants. Community Kitchen partners with other organizations feeding the homeless and the hungry. Here, participants will participate in a cookout and be assigned different roles in preparing nutritious meals for the hungry. XL Events have delivered over 3000 warm meals to those living rough.

Why Feeding the Hungry Matters?

Why exactly does it matter to feed the homeless? A lot of people still stereotype homeless people as lazy individuals who ended up in the streets. Unfortunately, given today’s economic climate, this isn’t always the case. There are homeless individuals who simply found themselves in a difficult predicament.

Feeding the homeless is more than just showing compassion to other human beings. In fact, it can also help benefit the community as a whole. For instance, did you know that there are some people who are ready to commit petty and violent crimes in order to eat for the day? By giving a person a meal, not only are you stopping him from performing a crime, but you are also keeping the entire community safe.

Also, feeding the homeless can have an economic impact. For instance, those individuals who don’t eat nutritious meals usually get sick. Considering the harsh environment you have to deal with in the street when you are homeless and hungry, you can also lessen the healthcare cost just by giving a nutritious meal to a person who is hungry.

And also, feeding the hungry and the homeless can help humanize people who simply found themselves in these circumstances. Keep in mind that everyone has a story to tell. And we can learn from each other by showing small acts of kindness.

Becoming socially aware organization can bring wonders to your company’s culture. It can help make employees become more aware of their actions. It means that you have people who will be looking at the bigger picture. The good news is that there are a great number of ways on how to feed the homeless. You can incorporate feeding the hungry in your next team building activity. You will be surprised how it can change the outlook of your employees.

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