Give Your Team the Gift of Connection and Fun this Christmas

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We’re constantly thinking about new ways we can incorporate our team building activities into different areas. We asked around and these were the comments we received in regards to year end Christmas parties.

For those organising it, “Not again, I never know what to do because it means somebody is not happy”. For those involved, “Not another drink fest, I don’t even drink nor like half the people who are going.” “I’m always the one in the corner, I’m pretty quiet so all these people and noise is a little overwhelming”. What people said they would like was, “something a bit more fun”, “an opportunity to interact with people in the organisation that I don’t really know”, “something different for a change”, “don’t forget the beer and food afterwards.”

So…. We’ve come up with the following ideas for you. Why not combine some our really fun and engaging team building activities with a Christmas bevy or two and a delightful meal to follow? Or better still, incorporate all of that in one of our Masterchef or Community Kitchen events – now that will make life much easier.

Think about it…  What a lovely way to finish the year, bring the team together, out of work hours, provide an opportunity to openly network and encourage connections amongst teams who would normally not see each other much during the year, A great way to motivate, most importantly have fun and a laugh whilst saying thank you for a job well done – we appreciate you!

How much do people spend on Christmas parties these days?

Our research shows us that the average spend on Christmas parties can range anywhere from $40 a head (for the in house chicken and champagne) to $150 a head so think about what you are receiving for your money. Think about killing two birds with one stone – team building and appreciation – WINNING!!! Now that’s a good investment right. 2020 is just around the corner and it is definitely going to be a bumper year for those companies who can get their teams working in a consistent, congruent manner so why not start now?

What venues do people use these days, such a pain!

The beauty of team building activities is that we can locate them in the most interesting places. Why we just had a Masterchef event in a laneway in Melbourne. We’ve travelled from the gorgeous wineries of Barossa, to the beaches of Victoria, to the glorious parklands of Brisbane. It’s amazing what interesting locations we have been in. Simply ask us and we can find a solution for you that’s unique and one that your team will definitely find different and interesting.

Giving back, our No. 1 focus! – Our charity team building events

Giving back is one of our major priorities here at XL Events and it especially warms our hearts at Christmas time. Our Bike Factory team building event allows your team to build bikes for kids in need, our new Artwork & Angels team building event supports The Pyjama Foundation and gives money to support a Mentor for a child in need for the year. Our Community Kitchen team building event prepares food for the homeless and our Toy Factory team building event makes toys for the needy kids. There’s nothing better at Christmas time than helping others – it definitely fills our tanks!

Of course we also have our traditional team building events like Masterchef, The Amazing Race, Corporate Survivor, Beach Olympics and many more. You can find them all here.

Not sure what to do or how to make it special, then talk to our awesome team. We are doing this everyday so we know what works, what the best locations are and how to put it all together so all you have to do is show up on the day and look good at the end of it. Contact the team today on 0412379233 or email Jane directly at and let’s get your date locked in so you don’t miss out.

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