Give Back This December With Charity Team Building Activities

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Give back to a local charity this Christmas season with our fun team building parties.  Have yet to book your end of year office party?  We are still taking bookings for the end of year corporate activities.

Are you looking for something different?  Something unique?  Then why not treat your staff to a rewarding experience with our charity team building activities.  Give your team the opportunity to enjoy themselves this Christmas in an unselfish way.

Christmas Charity Bike Factory

Put a smile of kids faces this Christmas through a Charity Bike Factory event.

A fantastically fun and engaging activity that is completely interactive.  The day’s program is flexible and can be designed and tailored to suit your team with challenges that are motivating, productive and satisfying.

All this while changing the attitudes of the group, and providing a sense of giving.

In 2017, XL Events and our awesome clients have donated over 1100 bikes to the foster kids around Australia!

Give back with our Christmas Charity Bike Factory. It’s guaranteed to put a smile on EVERYONE’s face.

Christmas Community Kitchen

Help spread kindness and joy to others during the holiday season and give back to a charity team building party we call the Christmas Community Kitchen.

We have partnered with a number of charities and organisations that provide support to those living rough in our busy cities where homelessness is a major concern, and it is an absolute heartbreaking problem that is only getting worse!

With this festive team building program, your group will be fulfilled with a sense of purpose when preparing healthy, wholesome, quality meals to be distributed immediately following the activity, to those in need of a warm nutritious meal.  Your team will feel a sense of real purpose and be blown away by their ability to provide a home cooked meal and provide for those that are living it rough this Christmas.

A creative, challenging and fun team building party, bringing the spirit of Christmas into the community.

Helping Hands

Give the gift of a hand this Christmas with this globally recognised Helping Hands Team Building activity.  Providing prosthetic hands for those who can’t afford these life-changing devices.

An informative, structured yet rewarding event, that will give your staff the satisfaction of building, as a team, a prosthetic hand.  With the added challenge of completing the challenge using only one hand, your team will appreciate the daily struggles an amputee’s faces.

The artificial hands are then donated, with a HEART WARMING message from your team, to charity organisations in throughout the world.

Bring your team together.  They will be blown away by the chance to make a difference this Christmas.

Santa’s Toy Factory

A Christmas team building a party that will bring out the child in every grown-up.  This season themed event we call ‘Santa’s Toy Factory’ will bring flooding back all those magical childhood memories of excitement and bewilderment this time of year brings.  While at the same time giving back to your community.

This flexible program is designed to bring your team together, complete a series of fun child themed challenges in order to earn toys. These quality toys are then assembled, and then given to children of a chosen charity.

A fun packed, rewarding end of year party idea that your office will proudly look back on and remember how they worked together to give back and put smiles kids faces.

Get into the Christmas spirit.  Team building for charity is a great way to give back.  develop the gift of purpose and goodwill to your team.

Don’t delay, contact us today.

We look forward to providing a Christmas Charity Team Building activity that will be talked about for many years to come.

Available at locations throughout Australia.  WE CAN COME TO YOU!!

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