Getting warm nutritious meals to those living rough in Sydney

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Despite Australia being an economically progressive country, there are a lot of instances wherein people are dealing with homelessness. In fact, the numbers are increasing across the country when it comes to people who are forced to live on the streets. Between 2011 to 2016, the homelessness problem jumped by more than 14,000. Nowadays, a lot of homeless individuals end up dealing with hunger.

Dealing with hunger can be devastating not only for the economy but also for a person’s dignity. There are a lot of efforts by government agencies, companies, as well as individuals to alleviate this problem. However, it isn’t enough that we rely on the government for everything.

Ways to Feed the Hungry

Today, there are those efforts to feed the hungry in Sydney. These feeding activities are done not only to help those who are homeless but also those people who are having a hard time today.

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Feeding the Hungry As an Individual

There are different ways on how you can participate in this activity. For instance, you can contribute mainly as an individual. Here, you can support companies that specifically help the homeless and feed the hungry. You can buy the product of these companies and actively share the brand with your friends and your relatives.

Aside from helping companies that made it part of their advocacy to provide meals for those who are living in poverty in Sydney, you can also participate directly in the cause. In fact, there are a lot of organizations in Sydney. Here, you can volunteer and offer a helping hand.

If you think that you don’t have the entire weekend, what you can do is to provide them with financial help. They can make use of the funds in order to buy foods and pay for the other things needed for the feeding activity. The thing with these efforts is that a small donation can go a long way.

Feeding the Hungry with Friends and Peers

When it comes to feeding the hungry, it is true that two heads are better than one. What it means is that you will need the help of other people if you want to increase your reach. One of the simplest ways that you and your friends can feed the hungry is by combining your funds to buy foods that can then be given to the homeless during lunchtime or after work. You and your friends can also make it a point to collect all the excess food that you haven’t consumed throughout the day and give it to the homeless. These are small acts of kindness that can have a huge impact, especially in the long run.

Getting Your Business To Feed the Hungry

If you are a business owner, there are a number of ways on how you can help feed people who are having a hard time in Sydney. You can organize a day wherein your company is going to host feeding program together with the rest of your employees.

Nowadays, there are companies that make use of team building programs in order to also give back to the community. What they do is to join the likes of community kitchen wherein employees take part in a much bigger cause.

Community kitchen activity is actually fun. This is why it has become popular for a number of companies out there. It offers an opportunity for employees to enjoy the kitchen even if they don’t have chef-grade skills, to begin with. Everything is guided from start to finish, plus you get to help the community too.

There are a number of benefits that it can do both to the employees and the company. For the employees, they are going to develop that social awareness that the growth of the company should be inclusive. It should trickle down to those who are currently struggling. It makes use of the concept of corporate social responsibility. And while doing so, they are enjoying the process since they get to bond with their peers outside the work environment. It can be a breath of fresh air especially when they are used to interact in the office on a regular basis.

For the company, what it does is give your brand a good reputation in the market. Though it might not be your intention to make your company’s name look good in the eyes of your market, it becomes easier for your potential customers to support you because of the altruistic advocacy that you are involved in.

Why Do We need to Feed the Hungry?

One question that people ask is why even bother to feed the hungry? The thing with humanitarian work is that it has a good number of benefits that you just don’t realize. And in reality, it affects everyone. For instance, the more people stay hungry, the higher the cost in healthcare. People who don’t have access to nutritious meals tend to get sick more often. This means that they will need to rely on medical facilities that provide free services to the poor.

Also, come to think of it, there are kids involved when it comes to the lack of nutritious meals on the table. There are poor kids that have to go to school without having their breakfast or even their lunch. Feeding the poor is more than just helping adults but also those kids.

Aside from humanitarianism reasons, it is important to help the hungry because it can help the economy. Productivity is affected once you start to go hungry. You can’t concentrate on the task at hand. And in some scenarios, especially for people who are homeless, worrying about their next meal stops them from applying for a real job. Instead, they ask for food hoping that someone will give them food.

Crime and hunger in Australia also go hand in hand. The more hungry people on the streets, the more likely that you are going to see petty crimes in your area. By giving food to someone who is hungry, keep in mind that it isn’t just a simple good deed that you keep tabs on. If you will look at the bigger picture, helping people who are hungry can make a huge difference in the long run.

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