Getting Maximum Engagement On Your Next Team Activity

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One of the biggest challenges for organizations is how to get the maximum engagement in their team building activity. Team building activity is sometimes seen as a boring event that members of your company would love to avoid if they can. There are also times when they just participate for the sake of doing it or simply because it’s a working day.

In some occasions, companies fail to let the participants realize the importance of team building activities and how they can manage to improve the overall dynamics of daily mundane interactions. And also, it is often times a mistake by different organizations to simply rely on their own ability when it comes to doing team building activities. There are instances when they should let the pros handle it.

Now, how do you get the maximum engagement on the part of the participants? Here are some practical strategies that you might want to go for.

Always know the demographics of your company

One of the best strategies that you can do is to make sure that you know exactly what your organization is composed of. You don’t want to have activities that are exhausting especially if you have people who aren’t really athletic or even fit. You need to always consider that the activities that will be done are going to always fit the employee demographics.

At the minimum, you need to know who the participants are. Here, you need to know if they have special concerns in case you are going to have a team building activity. Is anyone injured? Or maybe, are there any foods that some members of the organization can’t eat because of religious reasons?

Make sure to ask all of these things whenever you are going to announce your team building activity. Know every one of them in order to have a full picture of how you are going to design the team building activities in the next weeks/days.

Ask the help of professionals

Now, don’t be afraid to get the help of team building professionals. You want to make sure that you don’t bite more than what you can actually chew. Professionals that set team building activities know exactly what are the important things in these events. In some occasions, companies forget about the safety precautions or the transportation needs of their organization. Now, if these concerns on top of the team building activities seem overwhelming on your part, the good news is that you can always get pros to do the work for you.

You can even select which activities you want to include depending on your budget, your time, or the preferred activities of your team.

How exactly does it increase engagement in your activities? What it does is make the activities smooth from start to finish. You don’t have to worry about anything else. Just watch pros get the job done, not to mention they have enough number of staff members to assist you in the job.

Mix both indoor and outdoor activities

Now, one of the reasons why you are getting weak engagement in your past team building activities is because you are simply focused on doing things indoors. Of course, people want something new. They want to experience doing it in another venue. One way to boost the interest of people in your team building activity is by mixing both indoor and outdoor activities.

It isn’t as simple as it looks because it requires that you also need to travel to another location most of the time. Now, you will need to have a bus, a van, or a car that can take them to these places. And also, it is best that you know the weather. If you plan on having outdoor activities in your team building activities, though it is a good idea, you can’t always agree that the weather is going to cooperate. In this case, you need to either do it in the summer or you want to have a plan B.

Do the team building activity in a different city

Next, another sure way to raise the number of team members who are interested in your team building activities is to go to a new location. They can consider this as a travel experience. But more than just for leisure, you can have your team building activities as they enjoy the beauty of the new place.

You can even make use of the entire city as your playground when it comes to team building activities. Amazing Race team building activities can be a great way to get people interested in joining the fun. Not only are they seeing a new place, they also interact with each other.

Make sure that everyone has the chance to become the leader

Now, a common problem when it comes to team building activities is that not everyone has the chance to become the team leader and take the wheel. You need to be conscious of how your team building activities are designed. What you have to always remember is that every member of the group should have the opportunity to be the leader and have the spotlight on him or her. This is an effective method of getting everyone involved and letting them feel special.

Put Emphasis on Fun

You also have to put an emphasis on fun. Don’t expect people to love doing the activities if these aren’t actually fun. It has to be rewarding and at the same time fostering the values that you want to have in your company. In most cases, it needs a lot of planning in order to make the activities fun.

Keep in mind that team building activities shouldn’t feel like just another day at work. By mixing fun activities here and there, you can get more people to look forward to your team building activities.

Getting maximum engagement can be possible if you approach the situation in a smart manner. Get the help of experts and know the participants. These are just some things that you can use and you will be surprised by the difference that it makes.

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