Everything You Need to Know About Gold Coast Team Building Activities

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There is no denying that human interactions can also be a struggle to manage within any business. Stress and differences in personality are some of the most common problems faced by organizations. What if your team building activities can solve these common problems?

Team building is a proven-effective method that can help both big and small companies. It allows businesses both big and small to improve their dynamics and even foster people with leadership potential. But for team-building exercises to be effective, it is equally important that its participants are participating actively. In some instances, participants are bored, therefore wasting the potential of team building activities.

One way to get members of an organization interested is to have the team building activities in an interesting location. Nowadays, gold coast team building activities are becoming popular for different reasons.

Enjoy the beauty of the Gold Coast

The Gold Coast is filled with different places that you can visit. It has a lot of landmarks that can be enjoyed by participants and can make the team building experience unique and memorable. It has been named as Surfer’s Paradise simply because of its beautiful waves and ocean that made it a surfer destination. It has been dubbed as Australia’s Miami Beach.

Apart from being a surfer capital, the Gold Coast is also known for its serenity with its golden beaches stretch for miles and can be enjoyed by tourists and locals alike. Here are some places that can be included in your team building activities on the Gold Coast.

Coolangatta Beach

First, Coolangatta Beach is a great alternative for companies doing their team building activities simply because it packs fewer crowds not to mention you can do your activities in Coolangatta Beach for free. It is also a great place if you have swimming as part of your activity. You get calm water and fine sand. In addition to this, you also have lifeguards who are always patrolling the beach to keep everyone safe.

South Stradbroke Island

Called as South Straddle by the locals, expect great activities ranging from hiking, fishing, swimming, or simply spend a lot of beach activities with the rest of the participants of the team building activity. Compared to North Stradbroke Island, this is another less developed getaway for many of its locals. It is also popular for its wildlife including Wallabies, Bandicoots, and Sugar-gliders.

South Stradbroke Island is accessible as well. You can spend a day trip on the island and even stay overnight by setting camp or by choosing vacation rentals on the island. You can get to this part of the Gold Coast using charter boats and ferries.

Curtis Falls National Park

Apart from beaches, you can also enjoy the national parks on the Gold Coast. A popular destination and potential team-building activity venue is Curtis Falls, Tamborine National Park. This area is filled with wildlife and lush rainforest. You can enjoy the breathtaking and Instagram-worthy falls. Its columns in the falls are a result of the rich volcanic activity in the area. You can also get to enjoy some wildlife including turtles, eels, and even the local platypus.

Popular Team Building Activities in the Gold Coast

There are a lot of good team building activities that can be done on the Gold Coast. Unlike your typical team building activity, there are activities that can leave a mark in your organization. In addition to this, it fits different employees whether you have young members or you have older members. Plus, at the end of the activities, you will notice changes in your organization. Here are some of the most popular activities that you can do on the Gold Coast.

Amazing Race

team on a runThe Amazing Race team building activity is one of the most popular options in the Gold Coast for both big and small companies. The mechanics have been lifted from the popular TV show of the same title. The goal is to reach the finish line first. You’ll work with a team and perform various challenges as you explore different spots on the Gold Coast.

It is a good way not only to build camaraderie and discover people with leadership potential, but it can also be used by the company to lessen the stress in the workplace. The challenges are fun and meaningful. Here, you will be able to do both mentally and physically challenging tasks and solve them together. It fosters teamwork and could even be a chance to develop good dynamics especially for those who don’t have the chance to work well in the workplace.

Bike Factory

team assembling bikesThe Bike Factory is another highly engaging activity that is quite popular among small and large companies. It can be done both indoors and outdoors. It can also be tailored according to the size of your company. The goal is to assemble bikes that will be given to charity. This reminds participants that companies can also be socially aware.

Synergy Sailing

synergy sailing activitySince the Gold Coast is known for its beaches, the Synergy Sailing team building activity is another popular option. Here, it is possible to do a team-building format or simply a leisure sailing activity. Even if participants don’t have experience in sailing, this activity can still be enjoyable for everyone.

The teams will have around 8 to 10 members. You will have your sailing veteran on board which will also serve as your coach and guide. After some practice sessions, you will then race against the other teams.

See Improvements in Your Organization

Different organizations have different reasons why they resort to team building activities. Some organizations conduct team building organizations to reduce stress in the workplace. On the other hand, there are those companies that also want to improve the overall dynamics and teamwork within their business.

Team building activities can also be used to help the community. It can be a great way to give back to the same community that made the business successful. And the good thing about team building activities is that it can be adaptable to organizations of different sizes. It doesn’t matter if you are running a startup company with just a few people or you are running a business with different departments. You can enjoy team building activities on the Gold Coast and reap long term benefits.

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