Corporate Cooking Challenges Make Top Team Building Activities

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Team building can be quite tricky in a lot of scenarios. You will have to consider a lot of things before you decide to have a particular team building activity for your employees. In fact, a lot of people who participate in your typical team building activities get bored for a reason. Now, one of the most popular alternative team building activities today is the corporate cooking challenge. The corporate cooking challenge is not your average team building activity considering that it is dynamic and enjoyable for a variety of participants.

Cooking shows are huge in Australia and in different parts of the world for a reason. Well, everyone loves to eat delicious food. And for some people, they even make cooking as their business. As a matter of fact, cooking can be fun especially when you integrate cooking activities to your team building activities.

Let’s face it, you can definitely enjoy the food more when you participated in the process from start to finish. One of the things that we offer is the BBQ MasterChef activity wherein you will get to have your team assigned on different tasks in the kitchen. Each role is designated to a group of people in your team. Some are going to wear chef hats dealing with pots while others prepare the herbs and spices that will make the dishes taste good. From marinating the food to food preparation, teams are going to make sure that hey beat the time in prepping the food assigned to them.

This type of activity allows teams to go against each other and showcase their skills in the kitchen. Of course, corporate cooking challenges are guided from start to finish. These corporate cooking challenges are designed not to be toxic for the participating teams, but for them to have fun in the process.

Why Choose Corporate Cooking Challenges?

people cookingEating festive meals is a great way to get people together. We discovered that people who took part in the process of cooking the meals tend to interact better with each other. It means that, by the end of the activity, you will be able to see a different bond within your team. You will be able to see a difference in the way they laugh and just enjoy the company of one another.

We’ve been offering this type of activity for years. It has become a popular activity mainly because of the benefits that it can deliver to a particular group namely. Cooking can be a stress reliever to some, or it can also be a way to increase the bond within the group for some of our clients.

Our activity is guided by a head chef. Here, our head chef is going to take part in guiding the participants. Your team shouldn’t worry if they have no experience or they simply have novice skills in the kitchen. With our head chef’s guidance and our specially tailored simplified cooking curriculum, they will be able to feel comfortable prepping and dealing with meat, tofu, and even vegetables.

This activity is also perfect for groups of at least 8. We can also accommodate groups that can go as many as 200. Here, groups can compete against each other. This will encourage people to have fun in a relaxed environment and develop camaraderie with each other.

The activity that we cater to is also something that is challenging especially to a group of individuals who tend to be competitive. The meals will have to be prepared within a set period of time. Now, it means that whatever it is that they are going to finish will be their meal. Typically, the activity that we do include a 4 dish meal. And also, the head chef will then award different scores to those who exhibited the best meals according to taste, creativity, and presentation. The activity is also going to give an award to the best team player. It means that every effort to contribute to the goal is going to be appreciated.

A lot of companies have considered corporate cooking challenges because it isn’t really physically demanding. It is a perfect way to boost people’s confidence considering that you also don’t need to be skilled in the kitchen in order to participate in a corporate cooking activity. It means that even if you have an older demographic, they can easily still compete against the younger people within your group.

Camaraderie, Fun, and Dynamic Roles

Though there will be participants who will be awarded the best team player, and food that will be awarded the best taste, the entire activity is going to be fun for a lot of people. Cooking activities allow people to realize the value of teamwork and how people can cooperate with each other to reach a common goal.

We also foster camaraderie within the group that can be beneficial especially to teams that are usually dealing with stress in the workplace. And not only that, the dynamic roles involved in the cooking challenges can be fun which makes 3 hours seem so fast. They will have to do whatever it takes in order to reach a goal and beat the other team when it comes to cooking preparing their dish from start to finish.

And of course, after the entire process, you will be given the chance to eat with the rest of the other teams. You can share your stories, meals, and just enjoy the presence of each other.

Corporate cooking challenges are never stressful. In fact, a lot of companies are now using this as their top team building activity because it encourages people to just relax and have fun. They can get to enjoy great food considering that they will be guided by a head chef from start to finish of the entire activity.

And because unlike other activities that can’t be done by people who aren’t fit to run and do a lot of physical activities, this is a perfect activity for a number of people.

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