Artwork & Angels – Release of Our Latest Team Building Activity

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In a lot of larger organisations, the buzz words of, “Vision”, “Mission” and “Values” are often thrown around, written on a wall or plaque somewhere, unfortunately, never to be looked at or discussed, again.

Research is showing that by 2020, 75% of our workforce is going to be made up of millennials and they, along with all of our other staff, are driven by opportunities to give back to community, to help others in need, to create new ways of doing things and generally make a difference to the world. Regardless of age, It is imperative that staff feel their jobs mean something, that they are contributing to something bigger and most people, if provided with meaningful work, will be inspired to work harder for an organisation.

We are also seeing a shift in the market place from more traditional “sit behind a desk” roles to expecting team members to “think outside the square”, be “creative”, be “connected” and “sell” yet are we giving them the tools and skills to achieve this?

We recognise these trends at XL Events and as such have created an event that ticks all the boxes when it comes to starting the process to achieve what organisations require to stay competitive, to stay attractive, to give back to the community and to remain sustainably profitable into the future.

Artwork & Angels embodies everything good about Giving Back to Your Community. Every event supports The Pyjama Foundation providing an opportunity to give children in care a Pyjama Angel for 1 year. We love that these wonderful Pyjama Angel volunteers give foster children a chance to reach their life potential – we believe every child deserves that, regardless of their circumstances.

Helping Kids in Need

Creating a greater understanding about the needs of your local community can have a very powerful impact of everyone involved in this program.

Artwork & Angels highlights the FRIGHTENINGLY large number of Children in Care who have poor literacy and numeracy levels and how this contributes to a lifetime of disadvantage – at no fault of their own.

The Love of Learning Program was developed by The Pyjama Foundation to empower children in Foster Care with learning, life skills and confidence to change the direction of their lives.

How it Works

In our new team building event, Artwork & Angels, our team collaborate with yours to create an incredible mosaic that captures the spirit of your team and the corporate conscience or CSR vision of your organization.

Each person gains a greater appreciation of your organisations ‘Bigger Picture’ and participants soon realise that the small part they play in their team is key to the success of the entire organisation now and into the future.

Some of the key outcomes from the event include:

✔️ Creating Awareness, Understanding & Empowering the Team
✔ Engagement
✔ Collaboration
✔ Motivation
✔ Building Teamwork
✔️ Alignment of your organisations Corporate conscience or (CSR) vision with the needs of your local community.
✔ Make a bigger impact by purchasing additional Pyjama Angel sponsorship and change a child’s life.

If your organisation is forward thinking and you are looking for an event to match, contact us to talk through how our new event can work for you.

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