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The Amazing Race around Melbourne is so much more than a race of the fittest!

In 13 years and over 500 Amazing Race activities in and around Melbourne, our team have decided to really ramp up the race experience, and give every person racing the opportunity to shine!

This activity has many fans, however, it also has many detractors, who feel these type of team activities don’t cater for every team members abilities, physical capabilities, age and personalities.

Fair call we say, as many ‘Amazing Races’ on the market today are actually just glorified treasure hunts, and some are really a race designed to suit young fit people, with no consideration given for an all-inclusive activity. There are also some great corporate Amazing Race themed formats on the market, and with many race options in Melbourne, it can be a nightmare deciding on a race that will suit your team.

Here are some tips when flipping through the many submissions you receive for your next Melbourne Amazing Race:

1. Are you dealing with a professional company that is fully insured? The provider must have a minimum $20M PL insurance  This is mandatory to provide peace of mind in case something goes wrong and someone is injured!

2. Has your Amazing Race provider offered to Risk Assess the activity and provide a safety plan? This should be par for any race style activity to mitigate risks and keep your people safe!

3. Is your Amazing Race Melbourne all about competition? The best races are those that are competitive, however, there should be a strong focus on collaborative challenges to ensure everyone feels like they have contributed and feel like winners. A finish line with just Winners and Losers is counter- productive in team building!

4. Team building activities in Melbourne should be designed to incorporate team challenges where all personality styles can step up and contribute. This is a given, considering that the dynamic of a Melbourne Amazing Race leans more towards those team members with a preference to extroversion – it dynamic, loud, fast paced, and often in the public eye. Incorporating more analytic, detailed and strategy style challenges, and ensuring the more introverted types can contribute is a must.

The Amazing Race Melbourne is a great team activity, and when designed to suit the individual teams participating, can be an awesome interactive experience for your team. The popularity of this activity over the past 13 years has astounded even our most experienced facilitators, as it not only provides so many dynamic experiences, it also brings out many peoples true colours  (some for the better, some for the worse)!

Our final tip can really make a difference in how successful your next Melbourne Amazing race is. Make sure you carefully construct the teams to ensure everyone enjoys the experience. Try to spread the big personalities evenly across the teams with the more introverted types. If management are participating, spread them across the teams evenly to, and the same goes for new hires and younger team members.

One of the worse approaches is to put all the extroverts in the same team: this will lead to creative interpretation of the rule and challenges, shortcuts, lots of heated negotiations, and frustrations when detail is required at challenges!

Take a look at our testimonials page to see what our Melbourne clients have got to say about the Amazing Race Melbourne.

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Our most popular Melbourne Amazing Race locations include:

  • CBD – The original Melbourne Amazing Race with new and improved challenges
  • South Melbourne – One of our favourites. The inner city race with everything!
  • Docklands and South Yarra – Start at your office and finish waterside for drinks.
  • St Kilda – Jam-packed with awesome team challenges and the odd beer tasting!
  • North Melbourne and QVM – The race with a twist, don’t get lost in the Markets!
  • Suburbs to the City – Race from your workplace into the city and some fun!

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