10 Reasons Why Amazing Race Activities are Still Popular Today

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Team building activities shouldn’t have to be boring. Instead of the usual team building activity, why not include pit stops, clues, and a lot of puzzles?

Amazing Race has been a popular show over the years. But until today, it remains as one of the best ways on how to build camaraderie within your company. In fact, different organizations, both big and small, have requested to have this type of team building activity. Here are some reasons why it remains a popular option even today.

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1. Mentally challenging

What makes the Amazing Race event such a popular team building activity today is the fact that it is mentally challenging. One misconception is that it is only for those who are strong and fit. In reality, even if you aren’t too physically active, it is easy to ace the entire course. The thing that makes it popular is that it involves a lot of clues and puzzles that you will have to figure out.

And just like in a TV show, it will involve a variety of clues. Here, you have to find a way to figure things out in order to shorten your travel time going to the next destination. You also have to be creative in the process especially when it comes to figuring out puzzles.

2. You get to explore the city

Another reason why the Amazing Race is so popular these days is the fact that it allows people to have a good view of the city. This particular team building activity can even be done in the most scenic spots of the city making the entire process enjoyable for the participants.

3. Fun

Apart from allowing the team to get used to each other’s presence and personality, team building activities can also be fun to do. What it does is lessen the stress among the participants. It means that if the office already has a stressful environment, this can also serve as an activity to help them relax.

4. Safety is a priority

Now, one of the things that companies want is to provide a safe and fun environment for the employees whenever they are doing team building activities. Amazing Race team building activities were designed to be a safe activity for everyone.

For instance, aside from the fact that it can be done by people with different levels of physical fitness, there are also medics on standby. You will also be given a number that you can call in case something happens along the way and you will need some help from the facilitators of the Amazing Race.

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5. It fosters cooperation within the team

A good reason why the Amazing Race has been considered as one of the best team building activities today is the fact that it puts people in an environment wherein they have to cooperate. It teaches them how differences can still be a useful thing especially if you want to function as a unit. And though it might be fun and games during the team building activity, it can seriously impact people’s mindset, especially in the workplace.

6. It involves problem-solving scenarios in a less stressful environment

Improving your team’s problem-solving capabilities may seem challenging especially if you are already dealing with actual problems in the workplace. Now, you have the Amazing Race team building activity for that. Here, they get to have fun while they develop their problem-solving skills. It allows them to become aware of what has to be done when confronted with a tough problem.

7. Designed for both big and small companies

Regardless if you have a big or a small company, the Amazing Race team building activity can be designed accordingly. It means that participants can be divided accordingly. In the show, you actually just need a pair to have one team. It means that if you just have a small company with 10 employees, it already means that you can have 5 teams during the event.

8. The course offers a variety of surprises

It has become a popular team building option because it offers a variety of surprises along the way. Aside from the scenic environment, you also have clues, puzzles, and even roadblocks that can make the entire process interesting especially for those people who love the challenge.

These surprises allow the activity to be such a highly anticipated day for the entire company. Gone are the days when team building activities get so boring that you just want the day to end. In fact, Amazing Race will make your day seem so short because you are having so much fun.

9. Encourages everyone to be a leader

It is important that everyone has a chance to shine. And for the Amazing Race challenge, it has been designed to give each member the chance to become a leader. Here, the race is designed not for a single individual to hog the spotlight. Instead, it fosters cooperation and allows the leadership skills of each member.

And since it gives each person the chance to become a leader, it also serves as a great leadership workshop at the same time. It unconsciously gives you the opportunity to experience what it is like to be in control and how you manage your resources and even how to interact with other people.

10. Helps foster good communication within the team

One thing about the Amazing Race is that you can’t do it all alone. You can’t decide just for yourself if you want to finish the tasks efficiently. Good communication is key to the success of each team during the Amazing Race. Given the challenges, each member of the team is forced to communicate properly in order to overcome each challenge. And in reality, this is something that can be useful especially if you want to have a functional organization.

The Amazing Race is such a favorite among different companies today. In fact, a lot of organizations today are going for this type of team building activity mainly because of the benefits that it can provide its participants. You can try it yourself and see the difference that it can make in your organization.

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