Race to the Bike Factory - Charity Bike Build Team Activity

Race to the Bike Factory - Charity Bike Build Team Activity

Experience the excitement of working together and achieving something great with our fun bike building team challenge! This special activity is like a mini version of the Amazing Race mixed with the satisfaction of building bikes for charity. It’s a fun-filled ride of team bonding, enjoyable moments, and good vibes – a super effective team activity that goes beyond usual tem building activities.

Unleash Creativity with the Race to the Bike Factory

Our specially designed “Race to the Bike Factory” is a customizable team activity that caters to your budget and requirements. It’s an engaging journey that kicks off with teams plunging into a tailor-made Amazing Race.

Completing challenges along the route, teams receive bike parts as rewards for their success. This dynamic experience tests each team’s ability to communicate effectively, collaborate seamlessly, and leverage their collective skills.

At the end of the race, teams arrive at The Bike Factory. Here, they race against time to assemble their bikes using the parts collected during the race. But there’s a twist! They must face additional challenges to earn any missing parts.

The Perfect Blend of Challenges

This adventure is no ordinary team-building exercise. It offers a perfect blend of:

  • Collaboration challenges: These push teams to break down barriers and work cohesively.
  • Physical challenges: These test endurance and demonstrate the importance of health and fitness in achieving goals.
  • Problem-solving tasks: These encourage teams to think creatively and find effective solutions.
  • Team-building challenges: These foster mutual understanding, camaraderie, and team spirit.
  • Interactive game playing: These provide fun and relaxation while enhancing team dynamics.

We use an Amazing Race template combined with our proprietary team dynamic training to ensure a lasting impact on all participants.

The Surprise Element – Kids Bikes Charity Team Building

Here’s the heartwarming twist that makes our bike build team building truly unforgettable. We arrange for children from a charity of your choice to receive the bikes later in the day. The beauty of this gesture is in the surprise – the children don’t know they’re getting new bikes, and your team has no idea where the bikes will end up. It’s a moment of pure joy and powerful emotion!

Tailored to Your Needs

We understand that every group is unique, and we specialize in tailoring the Race to the Bike Factory event to meet your needs. Whether you’re in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, or Brisbane, our team is dedicated to designing fun and impactful team-building activities that align with your objectives.


  • Charitable & CSR
  • Trust & Collaboration
  • Team Dynamics
  • Fun & Motivation
  • Strategic Thinking
  • Teamwork
  • Idea Sharing
  • Creativity & Innovation
  • Time Management
  • Communication
  • Networking
  • Brand Awareness
  • Breaking Down Silos
  • Leadership and Delegation
  • Conference Energiser


  • Indoor and Outdoor

Group Size

  • 8 – 200+


  • 2hrs – 4hrs

Physical Requirements

  • Low – Medium
  • Designed to Suit Your Group

Everyone that partook in the Bike Factory challenge loved the event and had lots of fun. They said the best part of the day was giving the bikes to the children. Made them feel warm & fuzzy inside and a sense of achievement for the greater good.

Sonia Harris

Alinta Energy, Sydney

Join the Race Today!

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to boost team morale, strengthen bonds, and contribute to a noble cause with our bike build team building challenge. Get in touch with us today to plan a memorable team-building experience that will leave a lasting impression. Join the race, build a bike, and let the spirit of charity bike build permeate your team!