Unleash Your Team's Potential with Martial Arts Team Building

Unleash Your Team's Potential with Martial Arts Team Building

Are you ready to energize your team and break through the barriers of ordinary team building activities? Welcome to our unique, dynamic, and safe program that uses martial arts as a tool for team engagement. This is not just another corporate activity; it’s a transformative experience that your team will love and remember for years to come.

Breaking Barriers: More Than Just Board Breaking Team Building

Our program is designed to ensure maximum participation. Everyone in your team will be actively involved, guided, and supported by our experienced facilitators. The session unfolds with a series of techniques that gradually increase in complexity, encouraging your team to work cooperatively to achieve common goals.

We believe that every individual brings a unique strength to the team, and our program is designed to highlight and celebrate these strengths. Through a series of carefully designed activities, your team members will learn to trust each other, communicate effectively, and work together to overcome challenges.

Key features of our program include:

  • Qualified trainers who emphasize fun and safety
  • Suitable for people of all ages and fitness levels
  • A dynamic, motivational, and energetic activity
  • A focus on trust, excellence, managing change, motivation, teamwork, and communication

Coates Hire has utilised XL Events for quite a number of events and have always been impressed by their teams professionalism and can do attitude. Our most recent experience was utilising the Breaking the Barriers activity at Our Orange Leadership courses. The Facilitators of the activity were knowledgeable and more importantly were able to deliver on all of our expectations. Whilst at first everyone was a little apprehensive about the activity, the facilitators were able to bring everyone around and stress the importance of having fun and working together. The mood became more relaxed and the team got into it with gusto and lots of laughter. The final element of the board breaking was the perfect way to end the session. With our team mates around us providing support we each broke our boards and the sense of elation was amazing. High fives, clapping and cheering from your colleagues plus the personal sense of achievement that you get is a pretty special thing to walk away with and something that we all will keep with us forever. This activity was not just about the Team but it was about YOU and truly proving to yourself that you do have the determination & mental attitude to succeed in whatever you do.

Suzanne Poole

Coates Hire Pty Limited, Australia


  • Trust
  • Exploring Excellence
  • Managing Change
  • Fun & Motivation
  • Teamwork
  • Communication
  • Networking
  • Conference Energiser
  • Fun Ice Breaker


  • Indoor and Outdoor

Group Size

  • 10 – 100+


  • 1hr – 2hrs

Physical Requirements

  • Medium

The Board Break: A Symbol of Achievement

The highlight of our program is the board breaking finale. This isn’t just about physical strength; it’s a metaphor for overcoming challenges. With the right mental attitude, strong determination, and a willingness to succeed, your team members will prove that anything is possible.

This powerful message is reinforced by our presenters, and your team is encouraged to apply these lessons to their professional and personal lives. The board break is not just an activity, it’s a symbol of achievement, a testament to the power of teamwork and determination.

Breaking Barriers Corporate Activities: A New Standard in Team Building

Our Breaking Barriers program is more than just a board break team building exercise. It’s a journey of self-discovery and team bonding that leaves a lasting impact. It’s about learning to trust, to communicate, and to work together. It’s about discovering the power of a team and the strength of each individual within it.

We’re proud to offer this service across Australia, including Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, and Perth. Whether you’re looking for indoor or outdoor activities, we can accommodate your needs. We understand that every team is unique, and we’re committed to providing a program that meets your specific needs and objectives.

Ready to Break the Barriers?

Are you ready to take your team building to the next level? Are you ready to break the barriers and unleash the full potential of your team? Contact us today and find out how your next team building activities can be the most memorable yet.

Remember, a team that breaks boards together, stays together. Let’s start breaking barriers!