Leadership: It all starts from the top!

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In recent years, we’ve seen a surge in efforts to transform our understanding of what makes good leadership and how organisations should be structured. Organisations tend to adopt either a hierarchical or flat model

According to Mick Edwards, XL Events CEO, companies they have worked with have generally moved away from the more traditional hierarchical model. This model works like a pyramid. Much of the power is held by those at the top, before decreasing the further down the pyramid you go.

Conversely, there has been increased interest in a more dynamic flat model. A flat model offers a more level playing field for all employees, by promoting team connectedness, improved communication channels, more involvement in decision making, and greater responsibility for all.

Moving to this model brings attracts its own difficulties.

Australians are increasingly on the hunt for a new job – one of the barriers to growth

According to research conducted by recruiter Robert Half in 2017, 67% of Australian employers say that they have observed an increase in staff turnover in the past three years, with the average sitting at around 15%. Around 57% of employers expect to see these numbers continue to increase.

This can mean a real hit to an organisation’s productivity and revenue and can also have major implications for employee happiness and wellbeing. This goes to show just how important it is to have policies and programs in place that aim to address these issues.

Building a stronger team

It is vital that organisations focus on fostering positive relationships between employees. Doing this can help you build a strong, cohesive team who are able to work collaboratively towards shared goals, values and purpose.

Achieving this can be tough, change needs to start from the top and must be organisation wide. If you’re set on achieving change for your team, team building activities could be the answer.

If you need a hand getting your team on track, talk to XL Events. We offer an extensive range of team building activities designed to suit your team needs. Corporate social responsibility based events that give back to the community include The Bike Factory, Amazing Races, and a Community Kitchen. Our team building activities are delivered Australia-wide by highly experienced facilitators and trainers and this mean you can expect only the best outcomes.

Take your team building to the next level: building a corporate conscience

It’s pretty clear that people are becoming more aware of the world around them and their impact on others. This has led to calls for organisations to take responsibility and do their bit for the good of the community where they operate. This concept is known as corporate social responsibility. At its heart, it means doing business with a conscience!

Team building activities are designed and delivered to help ensure that your team is the best it can be. At XL Events, our goal is to design and deliver innovative and dynamic corporate team building activities that ensure positive outcomes for your team. But most importantly, we can help you give your team building activities a real purpose and support you in making a genuine difference to your community at the same time.

If you’re looking to plan your next team building day, and give back to the community, why not give the XL Event Sales Office a call on 0423301206 or complete our online form.

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