Team Building Activities Townsville 

Townsville Team Building is now just a phone call away, with 30 plus tailored Townsville team building activities now available. Our team have spent considerable time developing team building activities in Townsville, and have been designed to promote maximum engagement and collaboration, and can be tailored to suit any size team and any team requirements. 

Our team of professional and experienced team building facilitators can design all of our team building activities in Townsville to fit into your schedule, delivering results every time, ensuring you peace of mind. 

We love Townsville and we have great relationships with the  best and most affordable venues in and around the city.  Let us assist you in planning your next Townsville team building activity, and use our experience in designing and facilitating engaging team building activities at every major conference venue and major hotel in the area. We speciailise in designing outdoor team building activities on The Strand, at Jupiters, The Convention Centre, at any conference venue, and we have some great Magnetic Island team building activities to choose from.

Our magnetic island team building activities are designed to give your people the most memorable team experience possible, and incorporates everything that make 'Maggie' such an awesome place!

Our most popular Townsville team building activities include:

  • Synergy Sailing - The ultimate sailing team building activity in Townsville. Serious FUN!
  • The Amazing Race - See Townsville like never before... sightseeing on steroids.
  • The Bike Factory - Bringing your team together to assemble bikes for local foster kids!
  • Community Kitchen - Cooking class with a cause, making nutritious meals for the less fortunate.
  • MasterChef -  We put the fun back into the MasterChef challenge! The ultimate team reward!
  • Short Film Fest - bringing teams together in a dynamic and hilarious film making team activity! 


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