Zetta Group, June Williams, Perth

We took a handful of geeks and nerds (and I use these terms with the utmost respect) and threw in a handful of sales people (always dodgy characters) added couple of ‘normal folk’ (admin and support) and we ended up with a thoroughly productive and fun event

We learnt about ‘letting go’ of some of your inhibitions and trust (see opening dance and song routine – that was very challenging but as everyone actively participated we didn’t all feel like right idiots and it provided a base of fun and mutual understanding to the group)

The program was based on trust and respect for each other and we got to know personal details about each person in our team and revelled in their achievements whilst having a few laughs too. My colleagues and I come from very diverse cultural backgrounds, ethnicity and social variations, so watching Introverts and Extroverts, men and women from different frames of reference make a house that we all drew as children, was particularly fabulous – however, what some thought looked like a house, was not what you could imagine to live in (apart from team Trust) we nailed it – complete with front door. The non-verbal communication challenges were difficult, but we never gave up – some actually succeeded, leaving the rest of us in wonderment of how they managed to work out those messages, dance routines and actions from across the drink!.

This proved that with perseverance even the “losing” team can have its day – and did they what – from minus 100 to winners with one bounce of a ball and the luck of the Irish

A great day and thanks to Mick who facilitated our group, well done. Shows that I’s and E’s do mix very well and if we all come with open minds and no prejudice we can all work it out together.