Team Building Activities Sydney

Team Building Sydney offers some of the most dynamic team building activities in Australia.

Team Building Activities Sydney

Team Building Sydney offers some of the most dynamic team building activities in Australia.

Are you looking for some new Sydney team building activities to put to the team, ones that will not only excite the team, but will also engage them and guarantee a successful team experience?

Our team have been very busy over the past few months designing an number of new and exciting team experiences, based primarily around having fun, promoting interaction, and of course, bringing out the best in individuals and teams.

Looking for Team Building Ideas?

Everyone that partook in the Bike Factory challenge loved the event and had lots of fun. They said the best part of the day was giving the bikes to the children. Made them feel warm & fuzzy inside and a sense of achievement for the greater good.

Mara Johnston

Suncorp, Sydney

Our new selection of Sydney team building activities range somewhere from mid range in price (we don’t do budget team building) to premium team building packages designed with a more formal approach where concrete outcomes are required.

Sydney team building has changed somewhat over the past few years, with a bunch of providers offering similar activities, and new websites popping up each week copying whats already on the market. Thus a new focus on non-reality TV style team building activities and experiences is definitely a welcome change.

Destination based team building is now in high demand, and getting the team out of the conference room is more important than ever. Coupled with Corporate Australia wanting to connect more with the community and offer much needed support where it is needed the most, has given XL Events to push to design a number of awesome new activities that are sure to engage your team.

These community focused programs are a great addition to our Sydney team building activities offering, and have proven very popular as they give much needed support to local charities and ground roots foundations in the Sydney community.

Another spin on these great team building Sydney options is the very popular Mystery Bus.

We take your team where their help and generosity is needed the most, the only catch is that we don’t tell them where they are going, nor how they are about to spend their afternoon. It’s the surprise and joy of giving back to the community, to kids in needs, and to families who have experienced great hardship, all rolled into one awesome team activity.

If you are looking for some inspiration and need a hand with planning your next team building activity in Sydney, drop the team at XL Events a line, we will be happy to assist. We know Sydney, and we know what activities will suit your tea, and more importantly, give you advice on activities that wont work!

Our most popular Sydney Team Building Activities locations

Synergy Sailing

Impress your team with the ultimate sailing team building activity in Sydney.

The Amazing Race Sydney

The original Amazing Race Sydney, 13 years and still going strong!

The Bike Factory

Bringing your team together to assemble bikes for little people!

Community Kitchen

Cooking class with a cause, making nutritious meals for the less fortunate.

Master Chef

We put the fun back into the MasterChef challenge! The ultimate team reward!

Short Film Fest

Bringing teams together in a dynamic film making team activity… hilarious!

Team Building Activities anywhere in Australia!

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