Team building ideas to bring the team together


As another year winds down, it is so very important to say a big thank you to every person in your team, and identify that one thing that you really enjoy about working alongside that team member throughout the year. Empowering each other can be a simple thing that we all do at the end of a long year, and it might actually make a difference to how the team operates next year.

A great activity to do with the team is an activity called 3 Gifts.

Here's how it works: Ask your team to spend 10 minutes to consider 3 things they bring to the team, and then create their own poster to promote this.

Hang all of the posters on the wall in a common area, and ensure everyone in the team has the opportunity to review the posters. It makes a great discussion point and team members might even like to add some other 'gifts' to your poster.

This can be very empowering and a real eye opener to how others respect and identify with the 'gifts' you bring to the team on a daily basis.

The team at XL Events have been guilty of not spending time on our own team in the past, however we have identified the importance of coming together and regularly participating in fun and interactive team activities similar to 3 Gifts.

Its makes such a difference to the teams Mojo, especially as we take time out to enjoy the festive break, and renew our energies for 2017. 

Here are some great tips and fun team building ideas to thank and empower your team at the end of 2016:
1. Come together in a social setting, and thank every team member personally

2. Do some team activities similar to the above 3 Gifts to highlight what your team mates mean to you, and vice versa.

3. Reward the team for a job well done, or for a big year - especially if it was challenging and the team experienced lots of change. This can make all the difference to how the team members move into 2017 and beyond.

4. Have a team dinner, and bookend the year with a thank you speech and outline some positives to come out of the year.

5. Get the team together for a light-hearted and fun team building activity. Keep it interactive and not too focused... its been a big year and we want the team to engage as much as possible.

If you would like some easy to implement activities to enjoy with your team, give us a call. Or contact us and ask for some inspiration and we will email them out to you for free!

In 2016, XL Events and our sister companies in Thailand and Indonesia facilitated over 320 team building activities and events, catering for 21'200 individual team members. We traveled to 123 cities around the world, and enjoyed taking nearly 70'000 digital images of our clients activities.

It's time we sit back, grab a cold beer, and tell each other just how important we all are to the team... and maybe sneak off and catch up on some well earned sleep!

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