Helping Hands team building for charity

The Problem It's quite incredible to think that in 2016, 2 children a week lost a limb to land mines. What is even more crazy is that the majority of those land mines have been in the ground for over ... read more

Maximising the effectiveness of different personalities in your team

How many times have you heard someone in your team say " they are so outspoken" or "you never follow through on your plans", or maybe even " you never communicate, and your so quiet" to another ... read more

Improving Collaboration... Which team building activities work best?

Lets face it, most of the clients we speak to when a planning team building activity highlight that FUN is foremost when the most important objective is predominantly relationship building. However ... read more

The best thing about team building Adelaide

Team building Adelaide- better than ever! read more

The positive benefits of team building activities

A lot has been documented about the benefits of team building over the years, generally with loads of oh’s and um’s, as to the benefits of team building activities in today’s corporate environment. ... read more

Team Building Brisbane, Sunshine and Gold Coast - whats popular?

 Over the past 3 or 4 years, the most popular question from our existing clients and from most of our new enquiries, has been pretty similar... "Can you suggest some team building ... read more

Amazing Race Sydney - is it past its used by date?

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Cooking team building - a great team communication activity

What a night! Sitting down finally, after 16 hours on my feet, sipping a coconut water with a beer chaser, and reflecting on just how, after a week of madness, I got to this point in time. This team ... read more

The Changing Face of Team Building in Melbourne

Team building in Melbourne has over the past 10 years, seen a dramatic change in both what's on offer, and how much that Melbourne team building activities cost to participate in. Anyone who has been ... read more

Choosing the best conference team building activity for your team

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